Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's on Betsey's Phone...

This past week I managed to find a bunch of interesting stuff to take pics of.  Lots of it came from the same places, but hey, when funny stuff happens, it just happens.  Here are some of the more interesting pictures off of my phone from this past week or so....

I think we skipped spring and went straight to fall... there is no way that it should still be this warm out at 10pm!

I love when my friends come in to visit me at work... I also love when their math skills make me chuckle... what makes me chuckle most is that this friend could be a math teacher ;)  (<3 you babe if you're reading this)

You know you're driving around the city of Wilmington when...

Cup from Atlanta Bread Company in Harrisburg... glad to know the drink is colder than mothers-in-law

Look at how dilated his eyes got at the eye dr... mine NEVER get that big!

and then we were outside after a bit and they got this small... crazy
PS, I do love MD very much even if he does have strange acting eyes ;)

Cool growler from ABC in Harrisburg, PA

Getting a tour of the Troegs Brewery in Harrisburg from one of the owners HIMSELF... so COOL!

Our new menu comes out tomorrow... we demoed the food on it... yes that is right it took the kitchen 61 minutes and 5 seconds to make all of the new foods... we are in trouble

Oh... and it also took them almost half an hour to try to make the new strawberry shortcake dessert...so screwed

Well that's all for now... I'm off to make dinner for the bf... using a recipe I got from this blog ... wish me luck trying to make my own tortillas!  I'll try to take pics so that everyone can see how this turns out!