Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz... Round 3

Of course I am once again super late to the game (thank you week off from blogging), but hey better late than never, right?!  Today I am linking up with Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel for Round 3 of the Blogmopolitan Quiz!  We all know that we LOVE reading the Cosmo quizzes for celebs, and I love that Erin continues to put together some questions for all of us bloggers out there to answer!  So without further ado... check out my third installment of the Blogmopolitan Quiz!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Delicious Dish Tuesday... South-of-the-Border Mac 'N Cheese

Since finding my cooking mojo again I have decided to make this recipe thing a weekly occurence and will once again be linking up with Eat, Drink & Be MaryCoping with Frugality, and Full TIme Mama for their Delicious Dish Tuesday link-up. 

South-of-the-Border Mac 'n Cheese

1 box cooked rotini pasta
2 c. cubed Colby Jack cheese
1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk
2 c. cubed sharp cheddar cheese
1 can (4 oz.) diced green chilies
2 tsp. chili powder
2 medium tomatoes, seeded and chopped
1 tsp. crushed red pepper

1. Cook pasta according to directions on box.

2. While pasta is cooking, cube cheeses and dice tomatoes.

3. Grease crock pot (I forgot this step and had a lot of cheese stick to the walls of the crock pot)
4. Combine all ingredients, except tomatoes in slow cooker.
5. Mix well.
6. Cover and cook on low for 3 hours stirring occasionally.
7. Stir in tomatoes.
8. Enjoy!

Eat Drink & Be Mary

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekending... and What I Have Been Up to Recently

I am sure that some of you have noticed that it has been pretty quiet around these parts the past week or so.  That isn't for lack of wanting to blog, or lack of having things to blog about... it is just because of the lack of time that I have had this past week.  I am definitely NOT going to apologize for being too busy to blog because well I love that I have had a lot of wonderful things going on in my life recently.  Am I sad that I didn't really get on the blog this week... sure am.  Do I regret it... not one bit.

Since it is Monday, today seems like as good a day as any to recap what I have been up to this past week.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of the craziness that has been my life this past week or so.

It all started two Saturdays ago when M and I FINALLY finished our cornhole set that we had been working on in our spare time.  And by "we" I mean mainly M... and by "spare time" I mean the few Saturday mornings that we didn't have anything going on.  So on the 19th we had another free morning and it was time to paint our cornhole boards with the Bucknell "B" on them.  Because M is an engineer you know that he printed out one of the Bucknell "B"s and then did all of the conversions so that we could make the "B" look right on our giant cornhole boards.

Seriously, we are professionals at this!  I am soooooo excited about how well they turned out and I know we are going to get a TON of use out of them!!

After painting cornhole we headed out for MS's 30th birthday party!  MS recently got engaged to one of my best friends, SS, and we were so excited that to celebrate MS's big 3-0!  SS did a fantastic job with the party... she even had mini water guns and sunglasses for everyone!  Needless to say we are all big kids and had fun shooting each other with the water guns and planning sneak attacks so that people weren't exactly sure who was shooting them.

Hubs & I at MS's 30th!
Me, EO (another bridesmaid) and SS (the lovely bride to be!)
Me & KT (my bridesmaid buddy for 2 weddings next year!!)
Also, while at the party SS asked me to be her bridesmaid for her September wedding and of course I said YES!

On Monday the 21st we headed into Philly to break in our new cornhole boards at none other than a Phillies game!! Of course the Phillies lost (they truly are terrible this year), but we all had a ton of fun tailgating and it was awesome to get to spend time with so many of my favorite people!

Tuesday the 22nd, I worked an open to close and man was I exhausted.  15 hours on my feet running around a restaurant was enough to kill me.  But somehow I survived.  Working all day did make me realize how much I NEED to get a new job because money has not been great and what I made in 15 hours is what I used to make on a normal Friday night... not cool.

Wednesday morning I got up bright and early to head to Sea Isle City, NJ for the first time to spend a day at the beach with my girl MO.  We spent a few hours on the beach where I managed to get BURNT TO A CRISP even though I reapplied sunscreen multiple times.  No clue what happened, but I do know that I was miserable the rest of the night because my skin was bubbling and just pretty much on fire.  Despite the sunburn MO and I headed out to Christmas in July at the OD where we were able to see the band Secret Service play.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Secret Service!  It is these two older guys (probably in their 50s) who play everything from Luke Bryan, to Bruce Springstein, to Beyonce, to Rhianna, to basically whatever you can think of and they have a ton of fun doing it.  We enjoyed wearing our Santa hats and staying out late drinking and catching up.  Of course I didn't take any pictures while we were out, but I know MO took some, so perhaps one of these days we will have photo documentation of our Sea Isle adventure.

Thursday and Friday it was back to the grind at work and man was it tough dealing with working while sunburned.  Plus our restaurant/bar has soooooo many specials going on right now it is so hard to keep track of them all and to make any money because well let's face it, people are pretty much just coming in for the specials.

Saturday was our Summer Kegger 2k14 and man was it fun.  It is always nice to get together with my college friends and we had the added bonus of having some of my work friends join us as well.  We drank lots of beer, played lots of pong, played cornhole and ladder ball, grilled and pretty much had the PERFECT summer day!
Jhong... aka 3D beer pong aka a combination of Jenga and Beer Pong

Then it was back to work on Sunday for me and back to work today for M.  We have had so much fun this past week but I think we are both looking forward to a more normal low key week this week.  Although we still have a lot more fun summer activities to look forward to in the coming weeks!!

Has your summer been just as crazy busy as mine has?  What have you been up to?

PS, today I am linking up with B Loved Boston and Champagne and Suburbs for their "Weekending Link Up" 

PPS, today I am also linking up with Meg at Life of Meg for Mingle Mondays!

Mingle 240

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#tbt... Bon Jovi Concert, Summer 2008

This week I am throwing it back to one of the best moments of my life (besides my wedding, of course)... my first experience with a Bon Jovi concert!  Being from New Jersey I have been a Bon Jovi fan my entire life, but had never had the money to be able to attend a concert.  Well in 2008 when Bon Jovi graced MSG with his presence I made the Trek into NYC with one of my closest friends/sorority sisters to see him in concert for the FIRST time.

In our Jersey Girls shirts made for us by my girl LA 

Our seats were pretty high up, but I didn't care because I was seeing Bon Jovi live!!

Beers in the Train Station while waiting for our train home

Friends, Jersey Girls and Sorority Sisters for Life
Nothing says classy like drinking beer out of paper bags on the train ride home

Have you ever gone to see your absolute FAVORITE musician in concert?