Wednesday, November 12, 2014

25 Reasons You Know You Are a Bucknellian

This past weekend when we were in D.C. we had the opportunity to attend a Bucknell "We Do" reception at the National Portrait Gallery where we were able to get to spend a lot of time with Bucknellians past and present.  Between that and reminiscing about how Mark and I met I have been feeling very nostalgic about Bucknell these days.  While feeling nostalgic I started thinking about all the reasons you know you went to Bucknell...

one// You KNOW that orange and blue equals the PERFECT color combination.

We love orange and blue so much that we got  married on campus with orange and blue as our wedding colors... I mean, come on, how perfect do they look together?!
two// "Bucknell has danced the Big Dance, just ask Kansas" means something to you.

Bucknell beating Kansas in the NCAA tourney in one of the biggest upsets EVER!!

three// Bucky is your homeboy.

Bucky visits NYC

four// You have experienced 6th Street, 7th Street and downtown flooding after a particularly bad rain.

five// Bull Dip.

six// LIT Night at the Temperance House.

Enjoying some cardinal and straw colored LITs with one of my sisters
seven// Wing Night at the Lewisburg Hotel... and knowing that the "hot" wings mean suicide

Wing Night at the Hotel with some of my favorites our senior year
eight// You know what a townie is and for a while you thought they were the devil, but then you grew to love them.

nine// You could walk to the Freeze in your sleep.

ten// You know the tradition behind the Christy Mathewson gates and you absolutely love it.

The gates that are only opened two times a year... so special
eleven// House Party Weekend (R.I.P. Houseparty)

Our first House Party Weekend at Bucknell
twelve// You went to football games just as an excuse to be dressed in all your Bucknell gear, because lets face it, most years we were terrible (although not this year!!)

thirteen// You have seen the Veddar sculpture wrapped in plastic at Halloween.

fourteen// You had a love affair with Dana or Ellen Clark.

fifteen// You have a picture with the Bison statute.

Posing with the statute when back for our 5 year reunion
sixteen// Before you even graduated you were excited about going back for your class reunions.

seventeen// Speaking of reunion.. two words... TENT. PARTY.

eighteen// You know someone (or many someones) who met their spouse there.

Me & My Hubby; My Big & Her Hubby; My G-big & Her Hubby; My Twin & Her Hubby... all Bucknellians
nineteen// As a result of #18, you have attended a wedding on campus.

VM & WM's wedding in Rooke Chapel
twenty// Lots of your friends were part of the Greek system but you still knew a bunch of GDIs

twenty one// You knew the names for all the downtown houses (Tri Chi, Red Light, etc.)

twenty two// You know the REAL way to play beer pong...none of this solo cup nonsense or playing without actual beer.

Or you challenge yourself by playing 3D beer pong
twenty three// Work hard, play harder.

twenty four// Your weekend starts on Wednesday.

twenty five// You can talk about Bucknell and your love for Bucknell ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Can't help but love the Bucknell Fight song (and yes, this is the ring tone on my phone)


What are some things that all those who graduated from your school would know?

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