Monday, November 3, 2014

T.G.I.M. .... Thank Goodness It's Monday!

Yes, you read the title of my post correctly... T.G.I.M.  Thank goodness it's Monday.  I might be the only person in the world who is excited for it to be Monday, but after the crazy weekend I had, Monday means a much needed day off!!!!

Working in the restaurant industry means that I don't really get to celebrate holidays like normal people do.  Not that Halloween is a holiday, but in the bar business it can be a crazy night.  So while friends were dressing up and getting ready to go to the bar to relax, unwind, and have some Halloween fun, I was putting together a crummy costume to head to work and take care of all those people who want to unwind and enjoy the day.  We ended up not being as busy as we normally are for Halloween, but our specials were killer.  Killer in that they were the only thing that people ordered and killer in that they hurt our pockets because people were being really cheap.  I was so glad when the night was over, the only unfortunate thing was that after getting home after 2am, I had to be back in the building at 8am to do a supervisor shift.

Bartending with my favorite ladies... Dressed as 2 servers from Friday's past and a Flyers Princess
Jello Shot special at the bar for Halloween
Saturday at work went by pretty quickly and uneventfully.  Despite the fact that I was exhausted and living off of caffeine, I was in a fantastic mood because I was going to get to leave early to pick up my hubby from the airport.  M went to the UK for work and I was pretty much miserable without him home.  It was tough because we didn't have much communication while he was gone due to the time change, our still completely opposite schedules and the lack of international cell phone plans. This was the longest he and I had spent apart since I moved down this way for law school in August of 2007 and I must say, I am not a fan. I give all you military spouses out there a lot of credit... I had trouble for a week... I don't know how you do it for months at a time.  I may or may not have even cried a little after he called me to tell me where he would be waiting for me... just hearing his voice made me so happy!

After picking up M from the airport we headed to Black Walnut Winery to catch the end of a surprise party for my law school bestie RC.  I was really sad that we were unable to make the beginning of the party, but I was so glad that we were able to stop by for a little bit and to get to celebrate her birthday with her.  RC is pretty much the only person I still keep in contact with from law school and I am so glad that she and I became friends towards the end of our law school careers.  I only wish our schedules were more conducive to hanging out... especially since we basically live right down the street from each other!

Couldn't be happier that this man is finally home from his business trip
Law School besties celebrating RC's 30th birthday with our hubbys!
Sunday was another fun-filled day of work.  I was scheduled to open as a supervisor and then close as bartender.  Thankfully this Sunday I was working with another more experienced bartender and was actually able to leave early... so I only worked 14 hours instead of the 17.5 I was scheduled.

So yup, thank goodness today is Monday and I have the day off.  Today is an even more awesome Monday because my Giants are playing in the MNF game this evening versus the Colts.  The only downfall is that my one BFF and I won't be friends tonight (she is a huge Colts fan), but don't worry, we will be back to being BFFs by the time the game is over no matter who wins!

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What did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like your day off is coming at the best time because of your jam packed weekend!! happy to hear your hubby is home safe and sound!

  2. So glad you are enjoying Monday. Days off are awesome esp after the weekend you worked. Glad your hubby is back home. Hope you have an awesome week.

    1. Thanks hun!! Yeah, it was an awesome Monday off... I really needed it!

  3. Those Jello shots look awesome!!! I know what you mean, Mondays are not terrible for me and Fridays aren't great. That's hospitality! lol

  4. So glad your hubby is back! I think it's funny that you and your bestie are having a rivalry tonight because that was so me and Zach yesterday (I might still be rubbing my team's win in his face haha)!!


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