Monday, November 24, 2014

Golden Vlog #3... All About Turkey Day

Good Morning friends!! It is that time again... Golden Vlog Time!!! Actually Golden Vlog time was almost two weeks ago, but once again I didn't get my act together and am a little bit late to the Vlogging game.  But hey, better late than never, right?!  Since it is my birthday week I figured this was the PERFECT time to do this Vlog so that you can get to know me a little bit better and so that I can talk about my favorite holiday... THANKSGIVING.

The Golden Vlog series is a monthly series hosted by my good friend Elizabeth over at Elizabeth Loves, along with Faith at Life with Mrs. G & the Artist. Bex at butcher's niche, and Sarah at 12 Twenty Seven.  Every month they put together a series of questions for us to answer in a Vlog form... this way you get to know us as a person not only through our writing, but also through our spoken word.  Plus, I mean it is kind of cool to actually see and hear the bloggers you are following instead of just reading what they have to say.  Come on friends, you can't tell me that if you don't actually know me in real life that you don't kind of wonder what I sound like?? ;-)  Anyways, this month the prompt was all about Thanksgiving and this month's questions were:
one// What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
two// Do you travel to family or do they travel to you?
three// Do you have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner or do something completely unique to your family? If so, what?
four// What's the must have item for Thanksgiving dinner?
five// Do you decorate for Christmas Thanksgiving weekend?
six// Are you a Black-Friday shopper or no? If so, do you go crazy early or sleep in and miss the crowds?
seven// Have a favorite recipe? Care to share?
eight// What are you most thankful for this year?

So without further ado....

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

PS, Don't forget to head over to the link up and check out some of the other amazing Vlogs!!


  1. Oh this is so cool! I've never done a vlog before, so I might have to try it one day.

    1. Vlogs are definitely interesting to do. One of my blogging besties convinced me to do one when she first started up with this series, and I feel like I am getting slightly better at it. I feel a little less awkward recording it each time I do it! And I must admit, it is kind of cool getting to hear the various bloggers voices because I am not going to lie, I definitely wondered what some people sounded like in real life lol

  2. Waving hello! :) Happy Birthday and welcome to the 30's. I promise they are soooo much better than the 20's! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! And thanks for all the encouragement on my entering my 30s. I have no idea why I am having such a hard time with this birthday, but I totally am, so it is great to have the support!

  3. I always envy people who can make pies so well.....I love pies but the only one I've sort of mastered is pumpkin. Now I want to have some of Mark's pumpkin pie! I think it's pretty cool that you both have such unique family Thanksgiving traditions. Yay for your birthday week, sweet friend!!!!!!


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