Thursday, March 27, 2014

#tbt... My First House Party Weekend at Bucknell

This week's #tbt is to my first ever House Party Weekend at Bucknell.  House Party weekend is was a weekend at Bucknell where for an entire weekend the campus is transformed into one big party full of live bands playing outside, drinking beer, BBQing and overall just having a good time with friends.  I attended my first House Party weekend as a freshman in April of 2014, so with the 10th anniversary of my first House Party Weekend coming up what better time than now.

Unfortunately current Bucknellians will not get to participate in the gloriousness that is House Party weekend as the University decided to do away with it this year... and I can't say that I blame them.  House Party was a weekend full of so much fun, but in recent years it has turned into an excuse for students to get beyond wasted while the University turns a blind eye.  Too many students have gone to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, too many bad things have happened.  Sure not everyone gets like that, but the University needed to do something to get this weekend back to what it used to be... so if that means getting rid of it for a few year, then so be it.

Drunk eyed roomies

Freshman Year Friends at our first ever house party
With the girl who helped me become a Chi Omega

Drinking in bed and resting up for more festivities

Ladies enjoying drinks before heading out... boys photobombing
Drinking out of a blender is totally acceptable

I don't even know, but it was too funny to not include
Blurry but still cute
Best Roomie Ever

Today I am thankful that I was able to experience House Party Weekend.  Though it was still kind of a drunk fest of a weekend when I was there, it was still one of the best weekends ever.  It was so much fun to enjoy the nice weather with BBQs and bands outside of all the frat houses by day and then to dance the night away with DJs or live bands in the frat house basements.  I am thankful for the fun times I had with my friends over this weekend and I am so thankful that I got to participate in it during my time at Bucknell.  R.I.P. House Party Weekend... may future Bucknellians one day be able to bask in your glory again!

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