Thursday, March 13, 2014

#tbt... High School Edition

I can't remember which blog I saw it on, but someone did a throw back post last Thursday and I thought to myself, that I something I think I would love to do.  You all know I LOVE posting my pictures... and since I am trying to let everyone get to know me a bit better posting some throw backs seems like a perfect thing to do.  I always do my #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) pictures on Instagrm, so why not share a bunch on this little old blog of mine?!

So for my first edition of #tbt I am going to theme it "High School Edition".  Now I don't have that many high school pictures to share with you because well, digital cameras weren't that popular when I was in high school so I don't have a ton of photographic evidence as most pictures were actual prints that are somewhere in my parents' house.  But here goes... a look at my high school life....

As always, today I am thankful that I grew out of my awkward teenage self.  As much as high school was a blast at times, there were times where I hated it.  It was tough being a cheerleader while also being in all honors and AP classes... I felt like I never really fit in.  I am so thankful though that I stuck it out with everything because being smart yet also being a cheerleader helped to make me who I am today.  I am thankful that my parents never let me give up and that they always encouraged me to do my best even when I felt like I could not have the best of both worlds.  

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