Thursday, July 10, 2014

#tbt... Summer 2005

Today I am going to throw it back to the Summer of 2005.  This was the Summer between my sophomore and junior year at Bucknell... the summer my parents went away and left me at home for a week while they went on a cruise... and overall just a summer filled with lots of good old fashioned fun.

Beach Days

Being a bad influence and letting my little brother drink

Robot my little brother helped build for a competition

Did you ever have a summer that just brings back nothing but good memories?


  1. I hate I dont have any of the old silly pics. I mean i do but hard to get to and now a days I'm no longer friends with any of the folks i went to school with

  2. My mom has most of my old pictures. I need to rescue them! haha. Very cool pics!


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