Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday... Pictures off my Phone

I used to be really good about this Wordless Wednesday thing... and then I kind of gave up on it.  Since I am bound and determined to get back into blogging again, I am going to use my Wordless Wednesday posts to post pictures from my phone because well let's face it, we all take some good pics with our phones!

Bartender "New Hire" Training = Complete... even though I haven't been a new hire in over a year!

Bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding... *Note* the dress is really purple, not blue like the picture would lead you to believe

Love <3 nbsp="" td="">


Our neighbors like to leave their trash outside... no big deal
Did I get this right?

Wedding Dress

My manager at work... yup.

Favorite Iota Lambdas with Flat Jean

Amazing Valentine's Day socks
White Wine Spritzer... so necessary after a long day!


  1. Yay for the wedding dress!! & I want that pretzel- yum!!

    1. Oh my goodness...the pretzel was delicious... I told the fiance I only wanted one bite of it and ended up splitting it with him lol


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