Sunday, July 14, 2013

Less Than 100 Days to go and Our 1st Major Wedding SNAFU

This past Wednesday (July 10th... a.k.a. Mom & Dad's 31st wedding anniversary) my friend Meghan & I set off for Shamokin, PA to meet with our wedding florist... or so we thought.  After a fairly painless drive (we didn't even need to make any bathroom or coffee stops), 2.5 hours later we arrived in Shamokin about 15 minutes early for my appointment with the florist.  When we got up to the door it was locked and there was a sign saying that they were closed on Wednesdays during the summer.  I had an appointment, so I wasn't too worried about the fact that they were closed.  I did however give the florist a call and left her a message saying that we were early but that we would probably head for some coffee and be back by 1 for our appointment.  I also made sure to leave my number and asked her to call me back when she got the message.  

Meghan and I find the nearest Dunkin' Donuts where we grab some coffee and wait until 1pm before heading back towards the shop.  We get back and still there is no one there.  Of course I call again and leave another message saying that it is 1pm, we are there, that we will hang out for 20 minutes or so, but to please give me a call and let me know what was going on.  At this point I am starting to get a bit worried, but the voicemail message says that they are open by appointment only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer, so I am just thinking that she is running a bit late. Well needless to say we hung out there until almost 1:30 and no florist ever showed up.  
Fast forward to today, Sunday, July 14th, I still have not heard anything from the florist. Not even a phone call back to explain what had happened.  I understand that things come up and that perhaps there was an emergency which caused her to miss the appointment, but I left her messages with my cell phone number and the fact that I haven't gotten a phone call back really gets on my nerves.  I spoke with our day of wedding coordinator the other day and she said she would help me look for a new florist so I think that is what I am going to do, but it just stinks that this late in the game I have to start over at square one with a florist.

As annoyed as I was that the florist never showed up, the day was not a total waste as since we were in the area I decided to take Meghan out to Bucknell and to Lewisburg so she could see why I am so obsessed with my alma matter.  We did a drive through campus where I was able to show her where I lived, went to class, etc.  Then we headed downtown to have lunch at our favorite college hangout, Bull Run.  Bull Run has changed a lot since we went to school there, but it doesn't stop it from being one of our favorite places and one place that we ALWAYS make a stop for a beer whenever we are in town.  We had a nice relaxing lunch and then went out for a walk around town so that Meg could see what downtown Lewisburg is like and why I love it there.  During our walk we stopped at the Bookstore where I was able to get Mark his orange and blue bow tie that he wants to wear for the wedding (we are still negotiating whether or not he can wear it... I think he is going to win this battle), so that was nice.  I also picked up a new magnet for my car and a few other miscellaneous items.  

Just as we got back to my car to begin the drive home we happened to see Mike Purcell, the man who owns Bull Run and who also happens to own the place where we had wanted to have our rehearsal dinner.  We had been having trouble getting in contact with them, so when he said hello to me on the street I jumped at the opportunity to talk to him about our rehearsal dinner.  The Parkview Room ended up being available on the 18th, so I was able to put down a deposit and reserve that for the wedding.  Other than picking out our wedding bands, the rehearsal dinner space was the only other major thing left on the list, so I am glad that I was able to get that taken care of.

All in all it wasn't a total waste of a trip, although I am still a bit stressed and frustrated that I have to look for a new florist.  Hopefully it all works itself out though and the rest of planning goes off without a hitch!

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen to them while wedding planning?

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