Tuesday, December 1, 2015

3 Different Jobs Since May? Yup, that happened.

Life has pretty much been a whirlwind for me since I last posted back in August.  Once I started management training at Friday's back in May I felt like like was so busy that I barely had time to breathe.  While moving into management had its perks in that I was guaranteed two days off every week, the hours were insane and I was so tired from working so much that on the two days a week I had off I pretty much wanted to do nothing.

Since I got promoted to management this past May I received another promotion from Server Manager to Beverage (a.k.a. Bar) and Host Manager in September.  During this promotion the store was going through a lot of changes... we got a new General Manager and then another one of my best friends got promoted into management.  September was a rough month as since we were basically down a manager I was working like a crazy person and pretty much had no life other than living at Friday's.

Fast forward to October and I finally got some time off and took a week of vacation (more on that in a later post) to spend some time with my husband who I probably saw for a total of 6 hours over the two weeks leading up to my vacation.  Granted he was away for work one week, but my schedule was so insane that even after he got back I never got to see him.  To say my vacation was much needed was an understatement.  I was burnt out and ready for a break from the restaurant business.

A Few Pictures Showing what my life at Friday's consisted of....

Giant Flashlights so that we could check to make sure everything was clean
Taking the temperature of beer to make sure it was being served cold enough
Creating "Contest Corners" to motivate the staff to sell various items
Constantly updating chalkboards with current promotions
A Little Halloween Fun
Right before my vacation I got a phone call asking if I would be interested in interviewing for a position that I had been interested in over a year and a half ago, but they decided I wasn't exactly what they were looking for (read... I had zero experience in anything other than law and the restaurant business... so how could I go into a finance type position?).  I decided that since I was on vacation I had nothing to lose and that I might as well go for the interview and see where it lead.  I had promised Friday's I wouldn't actively look for a job once I got promoted to management... I said I would give them at least a year before trying to do anything so a small part of me felt guilty for even accepting the interview. BUT at the same time I wasn't actively looking for the job... THEY called ME.  So I went for the interview and left feeling like I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  I felt as thought 2 of the 4 people who interviewed me liked me while the other 2 I had NO idea what they were thinking.  Well the very next day I got a phone call and I was offered the job.

Now after the interview (which by the way I had on the day of my 2nd wedding anniversary) Mark and I had discussed what I should do.  Mark obviously told me it was my decision to make, but I could tell that he was ready for me to move on from Friday's and move on to a job that could turn into more of a career.  Before even talking to Mark I knew that taking the job would be the right thing to do as I was pretty sure that working at Friday's was making me depressed and I knew that sooner rather than later I would need to get out of there.

Flowers from my parents to congratulate me on my new job!!
I'm sure you all know how this story is going to end... I took the job and not a day has passed where I have regretted my decision.  There is nothing better than getting to come home every night to spend quality time with my husband.  After two years we FINALLY get to enjoy married life and see what it is like to be a normal married couple who sees each other more than a few hours a week.  I am also thoroughly enjoying having weekends off... after three weekends in a row off it still seems surreal, but I am definitely sure I am going to get used to this.

Though I may not regret taking the job at Qlik, I do miss some of the friends I made at Friday's... friends who became my family.  My last few days there were exhausting and tough as I prepared to leave some of the people I had worked with for so long.  Although I miss them I know that I will keep in touch with the ones who mean the most to me! As they say, "It's not goodbye... it's see you later!" and that is how I feel about many of the people I worked with.

Flowers, Presents and a Cake to celebrate the end of an era!
The place that really was my "home" for the past 6  years and especially the 6 months leading up to my departure
To my family and friends who put up with me while I was miserable at Friday's I can't thank you enough for dealing with me during the tough times.  But it was all worth it because I am definitely in a better place now and for the first time in a long time I feel truly happy and am loving life!

So blogging world... I AM BACK!! And I can't wait to see where this new adventure in my life takes me!!

Have you ever felt like your job was a dead end? What did you do about it? Did you up an quit for something completely out of your comfort zone like I did? Or did you stick it out to wait for the perfect opportunity to come around?

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