Friday, January 15, 2016

This is the Christmas Season that Goes On and On and On....

This year I felt like Christmas snuck up on me and then the season just wouldn't end.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but by the time we finished our last celebration I was ready to be done with it, well the celebrating portion of it anyway.

I had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  I feel like that is probably because it was in the 70s in December and people were wearing shorts and flip flops.  Weather like that makes it really hard to think about Christmas! Plus the weekend we would normally start getting ready for Christmas I had a lovely reaction to my flu shot and barely moved from bed all weekend long.

The 2nd weekend in December I started to get into the spirit of things as Mark and I were gearing up to go cut down our Christmas tree!  We weren't happy with the tree farm we had gone to the previous year, so we decided to try somewhere new.  In on of our mailers there was a coupon for Spruce Grove Tree Farms, so we decided to give them a try! I was sold as soon as I read that there were pet donkeys that you could pet and feed!  Plus they said they had a hayride and who doesn't love a good hayride?!

Donkeys at the tree farm!
Campfire for roasting marshmallows!
We learned that this tree farm has not been open long as the guy who owns it had to do a lot of work to get it in condition for people to come cut down trees.  He takes so much pride in his work and hand prunes ALL of his trees.  For someone who is obsessed with having the perfectly shaped tree I was impressed and all of his hard work definitely paid off.  All of the trees had a perfect Christmas tree shape and it was hard to pick just one.

Fortunately it didn't take us too long to find the perfect tree for us!  We actually cut down the first one we both liked (for those of you who know me, you know that is quite an accomplishment).

After cutting down our tree we headed to Kennett Brewing Company for lunch and to try some beers.  We had a great time and will definitely be heading back there in the future!

When we got home we got the tree up and I started putting out some Christmas decorations.

Work got in the way and we didn't decorate the tree until DAYS after we got it, but I was super psyched once it was all decorated.  There is something about sitting on the couch and just looking at the tree that makes me super happy.  Plus I love decorating it and getting to reminisce when putting all of our ornaments on.  We have gotten ornaments from every place that we have visited together, so it is fun to relive some of the memories.

Lights up outside out apartment

During all of this I also managed to have time for a Christmas brunch with my girls.  And yes it was so warm out the day we had brunch that we ate outside without jackets on!

And of course I also managed to fit in a Christmas celebration dinner out with two of my favorite "famous" ladies!

And we had another trip to NJ in the works to celebrate Dad's birthday and to help my parents decorate for Christmas!

Plus we headed to The Old 76 House for Dad's birthday dinner!

And also went to the Christmas musical service at my hometown Church and then to brunch with my parents!

By the time Christmas Eve rolled around we still hadn't finished shopping so headed out to Harrisburg to get some shopping done before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Mark's family.

We had our typical Christmas Even in Millerstown.  Shrimp and homemade French fries for dinner followed by the Christmas Eve church service and then heading home to open presents.

Everyone got some great gifts this year and we had a lot of laughs while opening presents.  My Grammy-in-Law even mistook a scarf for a "g-string"... I think we all know what she is getting as a joke gift next year!

Grammy D with her "g-string"

Hubby with his coupon for the Jeff Dunham show on Valentine's Day

Christmas Day was spent just enjoying time with family and pie.  Lots and lots of pie.

On the 26th we headed to NJ for Christmas Part 2 with my family.  It was great seeing everyone's reactions to their presents and always fun to spend time with the family.  (Although it definitely wasn't the same without the little bro there.)

On Sunday Mark and I headed to Defiant Brewing Company with my parents to enjoy some good beer and good food.  We had such an awesome time and will definitely be heading back there in the future.

After 4 days of Christmas celebrating you would think that we would be done... but nope we had Christmas Part 3 this past weekend in NJ since the little bro was back from his Brazilian vacation.  Once again we had Grammy over and we had another nice little Christmas celebration.

The only down side to celebrating Christmas again so late was that we were then tasked with helping to take down the Christmas tree and all of the Christmas decorations and well that my friends is just depressing!

As much as it has been exhausting having the Christmas season drawn out for so long, I am not going to lie...we still have our tree up and I have NO desire to take it down any time soon.  It is still living and not losing needles so I don't really see why we need to take it down just yet.  As long as it is down before the Super Bowl I think we are good to go!

How was your Christmas? Did you have multiple celebrations as well?

PS, did anyone catch the Lamb Chops song reference in the title of my post?! You are seriously one of my bffs if you did!

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