Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's on Betsey's Phone...

So I definitely think I win the prize for world's worst blogger because I do this blogging thing in spurts.  Life has just been super duper crazy recently and I haven't had time for too much.  I have lots of past events to blog about so stay tuned... but for now here is the 2nd Edition of What's on Betsey's Phone on Tuesday

Here we go.....

That's right... we're going to start this one off with beer... my loving bf is turning me into a complete beer snob and after trying 2,576,908,091,120,357, ok maybe it was only 3, beers I finally was able to settle on a black and tan as my beer of choice for the night.

Sketchy White Van with a licence plate of "cupcake"... Free Candy anyone?!

Rita's may not be what puts me in my happy place... BUT I just love the whole concept of it.

This is one of my managers at Fridays.  His name is Robert... and he is totally oblivious to the fact that we have put this on his back.  Too bad you can't read it that well, but it says "Mr. United States"  He walked around with it on his back until Etel was nice enough to tell him it was there.

See ladies... engagement chicken is NOT a myth!  It was featured in this month's Glamour magazine! I'm thinking that maybe I should try this one out on the love of my life??  What do you think?

This is Lindsey... another one of our Fridays managers... and this is what she does when she hears about a bar guest throwing up on the bar.  She was ready to kick some butt!

That's it for this edition of What's on Betsey's Phone...  Sorry it wasn't as entertaining as the last edition, but in all fairness I have been super busy and haven't been able to whip my phone out to snap as many pics as I would like.  I'll try better next week!

In other news, stay tuned for some updates as to what has been happening in my life the past month or so!

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