Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Miss on Thursdays... Bucknell Basketball

So remember back in October when I had this BRILLIANT idea about a post series that I was going to start (if you don't remember, you can read about it here)... well I did one post and then completely forgot about it.  Well I didn't completely forget about it, I just got out of the habit of blogging all together.  I stopped blogging because I felt like no one was reading my blog and that no one cared what I had to say.  Then I thought about it and was like WHO CARES?!?!?... I'm doing this blog writing for me because I miss writing in my journal, but I can never seem to finish a hand written journal entry... so here I am... pouring my thoughts out for all to see on this *wonderful* blog.

Anyways, to kick off my Thursday series again... this week I am missing Bucknell Men's Basketball.  Yes, I know that my first Thursday thing I missed was Bucknell.  BUT Bucknell basketball is a completely different subject than Bucknell in general.

When I was a sophomore at Bucknell (back in '04-'05) Bucknell basketball was AMAZING... and I mean amazing.  March Madness 2005 is where "Bucknell danced the big dance... just ask Kansas."  Yup, that's right folks, that was the year the 16th seeded Bucknell knocked #1 Kansas out of the tournament in the first round.

This is a picture of the TV at our hostel (we were on Spring Break when it happened) right after Bucknell kicked some Kansas butt!

After that the Bucknell basketball team was HOTTTTT... and I mean red HOTTTT for the next couple of years.  Then they got a new coach and things went downhill for a while... but that always happens when there is a what I like to call "regime change".  I never lost faith in my bison though and have still been an avid follower... even when they weren't all that great.  

Much of my time at Bucknell was spent going to basketball games, and even after I had graduated I obviously went back for games.  I even dragged people to games that were near my hometown when we were home on break.  Going to basketball games was one of my fondest memories of Bucknell and I am super psyched that they finally have a good team again this year and that people are starting to go out and cheer for them just like I did during my four years at Bucknell!  Ray Bucknell!!

Just for good measure I'm going to throw in some pics from some of the various games I went to over the years... Enjoy!

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