Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mini Vaca to Jacksonville, FL for my G-big's Wedding

So in my last post I talked about my very first Indian wedding.  Well right after my very first Indian wedding I took my first plane ride to a wedding all the way down in Jacksonville, FL where my G-big (a.k.a. grand big, a.k.a. my big sister's big sister, a.k.a. a sorority thing, so if you don't get it, don't worry).  MD and I took an early flight out on Friday morning because well, we were GOING to make the most of this mini vacation to Florida.

We arrived in warm, sunny Florida with no problems, complications, etc.  We flew US Airways which when I was a kid I had nicknamed US Disaster because of all of the problems that we had previously had with them.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that things went as well as they did.  Upon our arrival in Jacksonville we met up with some of my favorite older sorority sisters... LW, AK, RG... for some breakfast at this cute little cafe by the hotel.  After a delicious breakfast we decided to head off to the beach!

Yes it was the end of March and yes I was at the beach... be jealous, be very jealous ;)

While at the beach we sorority sisters (plus one of the other bridesmaids) had a great time playing catch up and talking about all sorts of different things.  It was great to reminisce about the good old days at Bucknell and how much fun we had in Chi Omega.  During all of this MD was laying out in the sun (without sun screen might I add) and sleeping while ignoring us and all our girly "drama"

Soaking up the sun

Of course we all got FRIED at the beach... definitely had some interesting tan lines... I think I may have won the prize for worst tan lines ever as I had a nice little hand print on my leg.  That night in true Bucknell fashion we all met up at the bar for some drinking...and some fun before the wedding. It was AWESOME that there was a bar attached to the hotel... meant lots of drinking then stumbling back upstairs to our room.

Love of my Life and me at the bar

Chi Omega ladies at the bar

The vase was attached to the table, but the leaves weren't attached to the vase!

Saturday during the day was a bust because well my lovely boyfriend decided to be sick with sun poisoning so I missed going to see the Albino Alligator!  Although he kept me from seeing the Albino Gator, MD made up for it when we decided to go on a tour of the Budweiser Brewery in Jacksonville.  For those of you who don't already know, MD and I have been on a kick where we have been touring breweries, tasting various beers, etc.  He has been trying for YEARS to turn me into a beer drinker, and I think he might have finally succeeded. 

The horses aren't so scary when they aren't real ;)

Thought this was really cool with all their support for the armed forces

After the Budweiser brewery we went to play some mini golf and I kicked Mark's bootay!  I may not be able to beat him at many things, but mini golf definitely is one of those things.

The happy couple before I was kicking his butt at golf

Concentrating really hard on his game

After mini golf it was time to go back to the hotel to get ready for Liz and Jeff's fabulous wedding.  All I can say about the wedding was that it was GORGEOUS.  Liz looked amazing, the ceremony was perfect, and overall it really was just an amazing time. Rather than bore you with the details of everything, I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves...

Beautiful Setting for the Ceremony

The Groom and his Groomsmen "patiently" awaiting the bride

My "other" G-big

Here Comes the Bride

You May Kiss the Bride

Bucknellians at the Cocktail Hour

Love this Guy with ALL my Heart <3 

Love my Chi Omega Ladies

Pretty Centerpieces designed by LS

Definitely one of my top 2 most favorite wedding cakes I've ever had!

Fun with Party Hats at the Reception

More Fun with Party Hats

After an awesome time at the wedding on Saturday it was time to head home to Philly on Sunday.  BUT not before heading to the Pirate Museum, Castillo de San Marco, and the Jacksonville Zoo.  More on that later cause I am still exhausted from our recent move (more on that later too) plus working full time, plus studying for the bar exam....

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