Friday, May 17, 2013

Everyone I Know is Going to Disney

Disney World.  I haven't been there since I was a teenager.  Yet I still remember my last trip there like it was yesterday.  We were there when Cinderella's Castle looked like this...

We stayed in a cabin in Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and I remember being so excited because my brother and I had bunk beds and I got the top bunk because I was older and my parents were afraid that he would roll out of bed if he slept on top.  I remember going on one ride and one of the characters jumped out in front of my mom and she screamed and I remember laughing hysterically.  I remember going to the character dinner at Chef Mickey's and being really excited about seeing Chip and Dale.  But most of all I just remember having a fantastic time with my family there.  

I have been thinking about Disney World a lot these past few weeks because it really seems like EVERYONE I KNOW IS GOING/HAS GONE TO DISNEY WORLD.  My Facebook newsfeed is FILLED with pictures of people in Disney... my blog feed is filled with people posting about their trips to Disney.  And if people aren't posting about how amazing their trip was, they are counting down to when they are going.  Quite frankly people, it is making me jealous!

The fiance has never been to Disney world... I know, crazy, right?! So I am thinking that it is time for us to plan a trip.  Only problem is, Disney is expensive and we are getting married in a little over 5 months (ahhhhhh.... sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!), so I am thinking that maybe we should put off a Disney trip until 2014? I only worry that if we put it off to 2014 we'll just keep putting it off and seriously, we NEED a Disney trip before we have kids so that MD can experience the magic of it all down there!

What is a girl to do?! 

Going through Disney World Withdrawal....

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