Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts

The first weekend in June was a busy weekend for the fiance and I as it was a weekend full of firsts for us!  Saturday was MD's 1st Phillies game and actually his 1st MLB game EVER. Sunday was both our 1st international soccer game as we headed to DC to watch the US Men's National Team take on Germany. (and oh yeah, MD's 1st time ever taking public transportation)!

Saturday and MD's 1st Phillies game was amazing.  Of course it was really hot out, but it wouldn't be a baseball game unless it were hot, sunny and there was plenty of time for tailgating.  We got to Citizen's Bank early so that we could tailgate.  Since it was just the two of us we decided to just get subs from Primo's instead of bringing out the big guns with our tailgate grill and all that other stuff.  We had a great time tailgating... tried some new beers (they were actually delicious)... and headed into the stadium for what promised to be an awesome time.

Delicious beer for our tailgate
Enjoying his sub
We sat in our seats for the first few innings, but then MD was getting hungry so we had to take a trip for food and then decided to explore the stadium a bit since he had never been there before. We stopped to watch the game from all different points of the stadium so that MD could get the full experience.  

View from our seats 
View of Philly from our Seats... it's no NYC, but it will do
Enjoying his 1st Phillies experience
The Phillies lost (what else is new), but all in all it was a great experience for the both of us and it was wonderful getting to spend an entire Saturday together doing something just for us.  After the game we went to dinner before heading home to head to bed since we were going to have a very early day on Sunday.

Sunday morning was a very early morning... we were going to catch a 6amish bus so that meant I had to get up at about 4:30 in order to get ready for what promised to be a long but exciting day. We got to the bus stop at around 6:10am to begin our journey into Philly to Brauhaus Schmitz.  We made it there on time and MD survived his 1st round of SEPTA (a.k.a. public transportation).  We loaded onto the buses around 9am and the drinking began!

1st Beer of the Day at 9am
The bus ride down was fairly uneventful... there was an annoying woman sitting across from us who talked the ENTIRE bus ride down.  It wouldn't have been such a big deal except for the fact that she was definitely a "one-upper".  Someone would say that they had been to X country and she would be like "Well I lived there for a while while my husband was working for X Major Corporation, but she didn't really like it because of x, y, & z." And if I had to hear about all the fabulous countries that she had been to for much longer I might have punched her in the face politely asked her to please keep her voice down.  Once we got to DC we went to lunch at a German beer house.  There was supposed to be a buffet lunch for everyone and things had been preordered for us, but with so many drunk and hungry men, by the time we got to the food there was barely anything left to eat.  I ended up eating lots of kraut because that was about all that was left.  Spent most of my time there drinking water instead of beer because it was so hot and humid I knew that I needed to hydrate if I was going to survive the game.  

We hit so much traffic on the way to the stadium that I was convinced that we were going to miss kickoff.  Thankfully the bus drivers let us off and we made it to our seats well before kickoff.  Other than being a hot and sweaty mess, we had a TON of fun at the game.  USA won 4-3 which made it even better.  It was so amazing to get to see the US Men's National Team play... and WIN... even if it was against Germany's "B" team.  
Getting ready for the game to start
Hot, Sweaty messes... but still having fun
Celebrating 100 Years of US Soccer!!
Way to go USA!!!!
Getting out of the stadium and back to Philly ended up being quite an adventure.  1st off the buses weren't where they said they would be to pick us up because they had decided that they didn't want to pay for parking.  We ended up waiting forever for them to get to a place where they could pick us up and then it was a hike to get to them.  It ended up working well because since they couldn't get into the parking lot we didn't sit in as much traffic.  Once on the bus, like the mature drunken adults people are, some grown men got into a fight over seating on the bus.  There were no assigned seats on the bus and someone sat in someone else's seat and next thing you knew punches were being thrown.  After the men finally calmed down we settled in for some more beer drinking and our 3 hour drive back to Philly.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I loved every minute of being able to spend time with my man.  Since then we have barely seen each other as our work schedules are opposite and I have been working on Saturdays which means we have no weekend day together.  Looking forward to a day off on Saturday when we will be heading up to NJ to visit my parents and to hopefully order our wedding invitations!!! Yay wedding invites!!

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