Monday, August 12, 2013

Relaxing at the Lake

Over the weekend MD and I headed to Lake Wallenpaupack for some relaxation and wedding party bonding with some of our favorite people in the world.  We both worked on Friday night so of course Saturday morning came WAYYYYY too early.  Thankfully the weather wasn't too bad so that we could take MD's car... he tried to fix his defroster and managed to make something else stop working in the process so his air is all screwed up and only blows cold air on one side of the car.  I had said that I would drive, but in reality I was exhausted and really didn't want to have to worry about finding our way out there.

The drive was pretty easy... minus getting stuck behind some tree trucks...then a slow moving van... then some old people from Florida.  I swear we could have gotten there at least half an hour earlier had people known how to drive.  Or maybe it was just the fact that I was sleep deprived talking and we would have gotten there around the same time anyway.

Gorgeous view of the Lake from the deck of the house
Once we got there we spent a lot of time catching up.  My one bridesmaid, VM, was there and since she normally lives in AZ we don't get to see each other often and we had a TON of catching up to do.  Plus we were waiting for Mr. & Mrs. V to get there so that we could all go out on the boat.  They were a little late in arriving as they followed ML's directions to the lake and of course he told them to take 22W when they really needed to take 22E... good job ML, good job!

As soon as the V's got there we had a quick lunch, filled a cooler with some beer and headed out to boat to do some drinking on the Lake.  We spent quite a bit of time out on the boat and even went for a swim!  Obviously I was the 1st girl to get in the water... what can I say, I have no fear of jumping off the side of a boat into a Lake.

After the boat ride we headed back to the house to get our drink on.  Of course the boys had set up a make shift pong table on the deck... we had a cooler of delicious beer and it was time to just RELAX some more.

Make shift pong table on the deck

Typical of MM

Blast from the past for playing pong... at least it wasn't Natty!
After some pong and showering we headed downstairs to do some grilling for dinner before heading back up to the deck for more drinking and just relaxing.  It was so nice to get to spend some quality time with some amazing friends.  We need to do stuff like this more often!

VM & I... so great she was visiting from AZ
MD & I
The weekend was obviously over way too fast and I was not ready to come home last night.  All I wanted to do was lounge around and listen to the lake while drinking beer on the deck.  MD and I have decided that one day when we have a bunch of money we are going to buy a condo or a townhouse or something on either the beach or a lake so that we can enjoy this type of relaxation more often!

What did you do this past weekend?

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