Monday, August 26, 2013

Cheers to the Freaking Weekend

Yes, I know it is Monday and therefore the title of my post doesn't really fit... but that was how I felt about this past weekend.  It had been a long week and quite frankly, I was REALLY ready for the weekend.  Of course I had to work on Friday night and let me tell you, it was a HORRENDOUS night... I'm pretty sure I almost jumped over the bar and strangled a few of our customers, but in the end we ended up doing alright, plus I knew I had Saturday to look forward to so that was all that really mattered.

Besides Friday being a crummy day at work, it didn't start off that poorly.  The fiance and I officially made our FIRST MAJOR purchase together... WE BOUGHT A CAR!!!!! Despite the fact that I basically had two, yup... you heard me right TWO... panic and/or anxiety attacks (however you want to classify them) over buying it... we managed to sign the paperwork on Friday and now are the proud owners of a new 2014 Acura RDX.

Now you might be wondering why I had a panic attack over buying a car.  Well I will tell you why.  First, you all know, this girl doesn't do change well.  I like to list all the pros and cons of a major change and then I like to try to talk myself out of it despite the fact that the pros outweigh the cons.  Prime example... Pros of the RDX: roomy, safe, has a lot of pep, is a sexy looking car, easy to put down back seats, moon roof, heated seats, the list goes on and on.  Major con of the RDX: the gas and brake pedals feel strange.  Yes people, one of the reasons I panicked about the car was that I didn't like how the gas and brake pedals felt under my feet.  Irrational con, you bet.  Did it make me not want to purchase the car, you bet.  Am I crazy? You bet. The next reason  I was panicked was because come on people, this was OUR FIRST MAJOR PURCHASE TOGETHER.  MD and I have never really gotten anything together because well we were just dating... this is the first investment that we have made in our future lives together and that people scares me.  I know that MD & I are about to embark on the amazing journey that is marriage together, but it doesn't mean that I am not just a little scared about the future.  I know this is what I want, but like I said... big changes freak me out.

My new baby

Of course I already have the Bucknell magnet on it!
Sexy car... now to just figure out a name for it!
After getting over the shock of purchasing a car, and the horrendous night at work on Friday, I felt like Saturday would never get here!  I was excited for Saturday because MD and I were having people over to celebrate the fact that MD's best man bought us a keg-o-rater for a wedding gift.  Yup, that's right... a keg-o-rater as a wedding gift.  So of course the only natural thing to do is to have a party to break it in.

So Saturday evening a bunch of our friends came over and we definitely broke that baby in.  We all had an awesome time and it was great to get to just relax at home with some of our favorite people.  We of course stayed up way too late, drank way too much, and on Sunday we were reminded of the fact that we are definitely NOT 21 anymore and cannot party like we used to.  All in all it was a successful party, but next time... I will not be drinking so much beer nor will I be taking shots like I am a sorority girl out at the bar in college.  No way... I have learned my lesson... I think.
Keg-o-Rater all ready to go
Lovers excited for our party
Awesome gift from the Best Man
Bridesmaid Love
The Tustin Sisters made it!!
How was your weekend?  Do anything different?

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