Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday... Pictures from My Phone

Another wordless Wednesday... another batch of pictures off of my phone!

Went to make a drink at work... and this happened....
Sometimes you just need a flask
Or a flask, a drink, and a glass of water?
Finally after 8 years my badge is FINALLY fixed!

"Nan" from her book of recipes my mom's cousin made us all
Happy 118th Birthday Chi Omega!!
#tbt pic... me & 2 of my favorite guys from back in 2006 in Luton, England
Love having a handy fiance... new shelves in the office!
Love warm weather and being able to have coffee & a muffin for breakfast outsid
Wedding cake tasting!!
Bull Run definitely did NOT look like this when we were in college
Loves his car more than me? Cleaning it before work instead of spending time with me!

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