Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today *NEVER* Get Any Easier

No matter how many years have passed since that fateful September day, this day NEVER gets any easier for me.  Growing up right outside of NYC, 9.11.01 was one of the worst days of most of our lives.  And there is nothing that can change that.  That day was terrible (you can read about it here...rereading my own post brings the memories flooding back even more and has reduced me to sobbing) and still sticks out in my mind like it was yesterday.

There is nothing like not knowing why your school suddenly went into lockdown mode.  There is nothing like finding out what was happening and then not being able to remember if your family had to go into the city that day for work.  There is nothing like not being able to get any cell phone reception so you can't even call your loved ones to make sure that they are ok.  There is nothing like the panic that went on in my high school that morning.  It is something that unless you have experienced it, you have no idea what went on.

I can't help but look at all the posts today on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even in blog land.  Every picture, every post, every person sharing what they remember about this day brings tears to my eyes.  So many memories come flooding back and I don't even think that I can adequately put into words how I am feeling today.  Today will not be a good day... it never is.  Today will be an emotional day filled with tears as I remember what happened that fateful morning.

As tough as today always will be, today is also a day where I will continue to remember to thank God that my loved ones were no where near the attacks.  I will continue to pray for those who lost loved ones on this day 12 years ago and who have lost loved one since as they have fought the war on terrorism.  I will continue to pray for the men and women of the US Military who have given everything they have to protect our country and to give us the freedom that we all cherish.

I pray that as a country we never have to go through something like this again, but that even if we do that we come out of it all stronger than ever.

God Bless the U.S.A. and all of our Military Personnel

Great video from YouTube... we'll never forget.

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