Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Days

It's been raining here for the past couple of days which is both good and bad.  It's AWESOME because we really needed the rain because well everything is just so dry and it's making allergies awful... like really awful.  My allergies usually don't start bothering me until the leaves start to change, but this year they started like a week and a half ago while the leaves are pretty much still green.  Although I'm happy for this rain, I'm not enjoying it too much as it has been equating to not so good days for me and it makes me just want to stay in my pjs all day with a cup of tea and a good book.

Yesterday I had quite the Monday.  By 9am I had already fallen in the parking garage and scraped up my knee pretty badly.  You see, because it was raining I decided instead of wearing flip flops to walk from my parking garage, through the hotel parking garage to court like I normally do, I decided to instead wear my heels for the walk so that my feet wouldn't get wet.  Bad idea on my part.  It was just my luck that my heel got stuck in a crack in the parking garage and in trying to get unstuck... which was difficult because a) I was wearing a dress, b) I had my briefcase and tote bag on one arm/one hand and c) I had a cup of coffee in another.  Well needless to say I was not successful in gracefully getting my heel unstuck and ended up on the ground with a bleeding and swollen knee and a twisted ankle... awesome right??  And to make things better I couldn't get it to stop bleeding like ALL day while I was stuck in court.

Things in court didn't go much better.  We lost our trial yesterday morning...it wasn't the best case ever, but I thought we could have gotten the conviction on the lesser included offense, but no such luck.  It was kind of sad for the first trial working in this new unit to be a loss, but hey, I know we can't win them all.  I'm supposed to be 2nd chair in another trial tomorrow which I think will go better for us because it is pretty slam dunk on one of the charges... the others are going to be a bit tricky.  We're going to try one more time to settle this with a plea, but working with juveniles is always tricky because parents are just plain crazy and don't want their kids to have criminal records regardless of how solid our case is, so they try to fight these things.  I've even seen parents go so far as to try to convince their children to commit perjury to get out of being convicted of a crime.  First off, don't try to convince your child to commit perjury when you are sitting in front of the prosecutor, that's just plain stupid.  Secondly, you shouldn't be trying to convince your child to commit perjury anyway, because perjury is a SERIOUS offense and could get both you AND your child in a lot of trouble.  But some parents just don't see it that way... they see it as they are trying to protect their child.  I guess I just don't get that because I'm not a parent yet.  Though I am reasonably certain I will never try to convince my children to commit perjury just to get out of being a convicted of a crime that the state has pretty solid evidence that they did in fact commit.

Today on this rainy Tuesday what I really want to do is some baking and then curl up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.  Unfortunately that is not what is going to happen today because this is my marathon week of working and I have to go into my "paying" job today.  For those of you who don't know me, I have a few jobs... some paying and some not.  Since I just graduated from law school I have been unable to find a job since I don't know if I passed the bar exam yet, so I'm volunteering at the Attorney General's office as an "Assistant AG" being sworn in under this State Supreme Court Rule that allows law school graduates to practice like attorneys in certain public service positions.  So I work there 2 days a week volunteering my time working 9 hour days... all so that I can keep getting legal experience while looking for an actual job and waiting for bar results.  BUT volunteering for the AG's office isn't going to pay the bills, so I also work at a restaurant hosting and as of today serving to make some money so that I can just barely afford to live at the moment.  Thank goodness for the bf who has been taking care of ALL of the household expenses so that I only have to worry about my own for now while I'm not making much money.  Without him I'd be pretty much doomed right now and would probably have to move back home with my parents and all that fun stuff.  Anyway, today I start my training for serving because I need to make a little more money so that a) I can give the bf some money for the household bills and b) that I can feel like if I want to go out and grab a quick happy hour drink with the girls that I can do that without thinking about the fact that I really can't afford it.  Plus, oh yeah, I need a new car.....

So it's off to go get ready to head into my paying job... Can't wait until Saturday when I FINALLY get a day off... AND get to go visit one of my favorite places on earth... BUCKNELL!

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