Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... Birthday Twins Birthday Celebrations

My best friend JG & I have birthdays that are 2 days apart... this year hers is on Thanksgiving and mine is on Saturday.  It has been the tradition for the past three years that we get together with our girlfriends and go out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving... THE BIGGEST PARTY NIGHT OF THE YEAR... to celebrate.  So this Wordless Wednesday I figured that I would share a collection of pictures from all of our various celebrations...

 1st Annual Joint Birthday Celebration... JF, KT, me, JG, LC, SS

 JG & KT looking beautiful

Birthday Twins and BFFs

Enjoying 1/2 price bottles of wine for our bday

Etel baked a GORGEOUS cake!

 Fridays Ladies

 Showing off our bottle of wine for the 2nd annual bday celebration

 LC, EO, SS hanging out during our 2nd annual bday celebration

 Shots with CS at Fridays


 KT & I

 KT, "Little Bro", & Me

 3rd Annual Bday Twin Bday Celebration

 BFF/Bday Twin & her lover


 SS, NS, JG & Me... bday celebrations rock!

There you have it... 3 years of birthday celebrations for JG and me.  Can't wait to see what year # 4 has in store for us!  I do know however that it will be pretty fantastic because it will be the first time all of us girls have been reunited in FOREVER! We have a lot of fun to catch up on! ;) 

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