Friday, November 18, 2011

Soundtrack to My Life

One of my friends (along with one of her friends) has started a blog called The November Project (which you can find here).  Their "Day 14" post was entitled "Make a Playlist" and DD made a playlist of the songs that reminded her of her past.  As I was reading her post, I realized that I have a bunch of songs that remind me of the various stages of my life and I decided that I was going to make a playlist of the songs that mean something to me.

So here is what the soundtrack to my life would sound like....

1. "The Sign" - Ace of Base This was the first single that I had on CD... I remember listening to it ALL the time

2. "Up Against the Wall" - NSYNC My friend CM and I were obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with NSYNC in hs...we were also obsessed with Lance (too bad he turned out to be gay) and we were even more obsessed when we went to see them in concert and watched them velcro themselves to the wall on stage... can you say HOT?! (or at least HOT to a bunch of hs girls)

3. "You Know My Name" - Chris Cornell Title song to the movie Casino Royale which MD & I saw on our first date <3 

4. "The Right Kind of Wrong" - LeAnn Rimes This was one of the songs that we listened to ALL THE TIME on the bus going to football games when I was a cheerleader in HS.  We would belt this out on the bus before... and after games. Brings back a lot of good memories.

5. "My Hump" - Black Eyed Peas Or should I say "My Girls"...any of my Chi Mu pledge class sisters probably have fond memories of this song as we did a parody of it for song round of recruitment... "My Girls, My Girls, My Girls...My Chi Omega Girls"

6. "Dirty Little Secret" - All-American Rejects I went to see them in concert at Penn State with a few of my favorites (VG & LA) and this was my all time favorite song.  It was quite a trip filled with lots of laughs and good times... plus when the PSU kids would chant "We are..." and then answer "Penn State" we would yell "Bucknell" lol

7.  "Gold Digger" - Kanye West 3 words... Spring. Break. Italia.  What an amazing trip with amazing people... nothing says Italy like having random Italian men sing "Gold Digger" to you

8.  "Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse This is one of the songs in the first Twilight movie.  My friends and I are all pretty much Twilight obsessed... and every time I hear this song it makes me think of my girls :)  (Lots of love to KT, JG, SS, EO, & NS)

  1. 9.  "SOS" - Rhianna This song brings me back to Bucknell and many days of pregaming with VG before heading out for the night... somehow this song ALWAYS ended up on our drinking playlist

10.  "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper What girl doesn't love this song?! This is one of those songs that my girls and I will drop everything to belt out any time we hear it.  Imagine hearing this in a room full of sorority girls...oh the memories

11. "Heaven is a Place on Earth" - Belinda Carsile Again.. what girl doesn't love this song?!  This is another classic belt it out every time it comes on song.  

12. "Wannabe" - Spice Girls Another song that brings me back to my younger days... I remember watching the Spice Girls movie on HBO when it first came out back in the 90s... and I'm kind of ashamed to say that it was on a week or two ago because I saw it when flipping through channels and I totally stopped to watch it... needless to say, MD thought I was crazyyyyyy

13. "Living on a Prayer" - Bon Jovi As a Jersey Girl you KNOW this list would not be complete without a little Bon Jovi... I know "Living on a Prayer" is probably a little cliche because well everyone seems to know/love this song... but I can't help it... I just love it and it help keeps me true to my Jersey roots.

14. "Let's Get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez Another flashback to high school cheerleading... this time to freshman year when I was on the varsity basketball cheering squad.  We had an awesome dance to this song... a dance that I still remember most of too this day... especially the one part that I had such a hard time with.  Oh how things stick with you like 11 years later... (man I really am getting old... it's been 11 years since I was a freshman in hs... CRAZYYYY)

15. "God Gave Me You" -  Blake Shelton If any of you read my blog, you know from reading here why this song means a lot to me... but if you haven't read that post, this song reminds me of how lucky I am to have MD in my life and how I couldn't imagine it without him!

16. "Fallin' For You" - Colbie Caillat Along the same veins as song # 15, this song reminds me of MD because a while back he posted a link to this song on my facebook wall letting me know that this song made him think of me :) (Seriously... how cute is he?!)

17. Sex and the City Theme This really just reminds me of my girls that I met at Fridays and the girls I met through my Fridays girls.  I don't know where I would be today without all of these ladies...they definitely helped make the transition to living down here from a pretty dismal situation where my only friend was my bf to me having a close group of girls that I know I can count on for ANYTHING

18. "Watch Me Shine" - Joanna Pacitti This song has helped get me through a lot of rough times.  Every time I hear it, it reminds me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and that there is no one who can hold me back.  Also doesn't hurt that it is from one of my all time favorite movies... Legally Blonde

19. "Who Says You Can't Go Home" - Bon Jovi Again another Bon Jovi song makes it on to the soundtrack... because I mean who says you can't go home.  I will always be true to my Jersey roots and although my home is currently in West Chester, PA with MD... my HOME will always be in New Jersey where I grew up!

20.  "Angel" - Natasha Bedingfield This song reminds me of my sorority family because we are the Angel Family... and this was our family song!

21. "Hey Micky" - Toni Basil This song brings me back to my cheerleading days in HS... but more recently it brings me back to TGI Fridays Bar Championships back in September. I had been a bartender for all of 2 weeks and I had to compete in our store wide Bar Championships Competition and I ended up placing 2nd in front of a bunch of experienced bartenders and it was AWESOME

22. "All Roads Lead to You" - Chicago As much as I hate to put this on here this song reminds me a lot of my ex-MC. I used to think that this song was about our relationship because I was convinced that he and I were going to be together for ever...he even bought me the Chicago boxed set of CDs for Christmas which included this song on one of the CDs.  Even though we aren't together any more and this song obviously does not have any bearing on our relationship because we haven't talked since we broke up... every time I hear it I still think of him and my life wouldn't be what it is today if I hadn't dated him and fallen in love with him and his family.  (btw... I still love his family)

23. "Holiday in Spain" - Counting Crows This song really just makes me long for Spain and makes me want to go back there like none other

24. "Oye El Boom" - David Bisbal Reminds me of my days living in Granada where I became OBSESSED with all things Spanish.  I can't wait to go back there one day to relive the magic that was the 5 months that I spent there.

So I didn't quite make it to 40 songs like DD did in her blog post, but I do have to say that I put a lot of thought into the 25 songs that would make it onto the soundtrack to my life.  I also tried to keep it short because even in the day of IPods, Satellite Radio, etc. I would actually like to put all of these songs onto a CD so that years from now I can go back and see what I thought the soundtrack to my life would sound like in 2011.... cause I'm sure that I'll add on to this as the years go on and more songs start to hold a special meaning for me.

If you were to make a soundtrack to your life... what songs would you include?

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