Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is Life Ever Going to Slow Down?

*NOTE: I started this post about a week ago and just never had the time to finish it as I haven't had a day off since I went back to work on March 9th*

I have been out of commission for about a week now, although I did go back to work on Sunday night.  Whatever this virus was it kicked my butt and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.  It has been so nice to get out of the house, even if just to work (I know, I'm crazy right, excited to go to work) but let me tell you, when you are cooped up in the apartment for 4 days straight with a fever of anywhere from 100-102ish you are just happy that the fever is gone and looking for ANY excuse to get out!

I was feeling better on Saturday so we made the trek up to New Jersey to see my parents and to have my mom come with us to pick out our Save the Dates for our upcoming wedding.  I can't believe it is time to send the Save the Dates out already... where did the time go?! We picked out some really cute magnets and I am hoping that our friends and family love them as much as we do when they actually get them in the mail.  Save the Dates are really making everything more real now... not that our wedding/engagement wasn't real before, but I just feel like it is all a dream still.  Though I should know it is not a dream as my  bank account is hurting from all the payments we have made for things thus far.

Speaking of the wedding... I am having a bridesmaid dilemma.  I currently have asked six of the amazing women in my life to be bridesmaids for our wedding and there is a 7th person I would love to ask.  Problem is, MD has only asked four guys to be his groomsmen.  He says he has two more he is planing on asking which would make the numbers even which is ideally what I want.  He did ask his 5th person but I believe he has yet to hear back from the guy, so again that makes things problematic.  Anyways, back to my dilemma.  I am pretty sure the girl who would be my 7th is a little offended I haven't asked her yet and I just don't know what to do.  Unfortunately for me I have a TON of close girlfriends which made picking bridesmaids particularly hard.  In the end, the girls that I have asked so far are the girls who I have known since sophomore year of college or earlier plus the girl who is most likely going to end up being my sister-in-law at some point in the next few years and is someone who truly feels like family to me. But how do you explain to one of your closest friends that you haven't asked them to be in the wedding because you want things to be symmetrical? That just seems so harsh to me, but that is really what my type A personality is thinking.  Do I try to have MD find another groomsman so that things are even? Do I go with uneven numbers? I just don't know what to do and it is totally stressing me out.

Other than work and wedding planning my life has been fairly boring.  I have no free time.  I never see my friends.  Heck, I rarely see my fiance at this point.  Saturday (March 22nd) is going to be my first entire day off since March 9th and I have no idea what we are going to do with it.  I am hoping to get to spend the day with MD just hanging out and maybe see a few of our friends that I have neglected these past few weeks... ok, maybe this past month.  I can't wait to just find a job in a career so that I can have a bit more free time and get to see the ones I love more!

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