Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Months of Wedded... Bliss??

Sunday M & I celebrated 3 months of marriage... and how did we do that you may ask... by both of us working.  M worked in the morning and I worked at night so guess what, we barely saw each other.  We did manage to meet at Qdoba for a quick late lunch/early dinner before I headed off to work so we got about half an hour of quality time in together before I had to make my way to work.  That is pretty much the story of our lives since 2014 started... M finally has normal hours on day shift and well I still have my night time hours.  We see each other on Monday and Wednesday nights for a bit, but M goes to bed early and I stay up because well I need to be able to sleep in so that I can work the next night til 1am.  It is a pretty crummy thing that we have going on right now, but hey, one of these days we will both be working normal hours and will get to see each other like normal couples do.  Until then we make do with the time that we have together and it makes things like quick lunch dates to celebrate 3 months of marriage all the more special.

So... since M & I have barely seen each other recently I was really excited when the #wifelifelinkup prompt for last week was "Something Sweet for Your Husband".  Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals and Lauren over at WifeStyles have started this link up on Instagram called #wifelifelinkup where every week they give you a prompt and you post a picture of it.  Well, like I said, since this past week's prompt was  "Something Sweet for Your Husband" I knew exactly what I was going to do to celebrate our 3 months of being married.  While M was working on Sunday I had to do my normal grocery shopping... but while at the store I picked up a few additional supplies for my sweet surprise.  When M got home from work (or rather lunch with me) on Sunday he had a cute surprise waiting for him on the stove.  I had baked him some brownies from scratch... gotten him some of his favorite candy... gotten him a super cute card... and framed one of our wedding pictures for him for his new office at work.  While this might not seem like much, it was my way of showing M how much I love him despite the fact that we don't get to spend too much time together these days.
Front of the Card
Inside of the Card
Picture for M's Desk at Work
Happy 3 Months of Marriage to M & me!
As always, today I am thankful for the little amount of time that M & I are able to spend together.  We are lucky that although we have different work schedules we do get to see each other a few nights a week.  Some people are not that lucky.  Some people have lost the loves of their lives to war, disease, accidents, etc.  Some people do not get to see the loves of their lives because they are off fighting for our country.  Some people do not get to see the loves of their lives because work means that one or the other is always traveling.  As much as I don't like that M & I don't get to see each other all that often I am thankful for the time that we do get to spend together.  Not seeing each other often makes the memories that much more precious and I truly treasure every moment that we do get to spend together.

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