Thursday, September 11, 2014

#tbt... Home Sweet Home

Today's #tbt post is going to  be a little bit different in that I am not only going to throw it back with some pictures of my Home Sweet Home, but I am going to throw it back to the last couple of posts I wrote regarding September 11th (you can read them here and here).

Growing up in the suburbs of NYC, September 11th isn't just some abstract concept to me where I saw everything happening on TV, but rather I lived it.  I lived through the fear of my school being in lock down mode and not knowing what was happening at first.  I lived through the fear of my fellow classmates when they couldn't get in touch with their parents who worked in and around NYC.  I lived through the fear of teachers who couldn't reach their spouses who working in and around NYC.  But I also lived through the stories where someone's Mom didn't make it to work in Tower 2 on time because she decided to get her nails done before work.  Or the story of someone's dad who missed his train and didn't make it in on time.  I lived the horror of all of that and it still doesn't get any easier thinking about it when this day rolls around every year.

As many of you probably have guessed from the title of my blog, I am from the great state of New Jersey.  I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey in the suburbs of NYC.  I got the great pleasure of being from New Jersey with the convenience of being able to go into NYC pretty much whenever I wanted.  Today I am going to throw it back to some of the good times I have had in Jersey over the years... especially since I have moved to the suburbs of Philly.

This is actually from Christmas break 2003... our first time all getting together after we had left for college
This is actually I believe from my Junior year before Chris' senior prom at Don Bosco

One of my favorite things about going to NJ at Christmas time is being able to use my creativity to set up the Snow Village for my parents
Grammy's House at Christmas

One of the best things about NJ is getting to spend time with my parents... here we are celebrating M and my engagement
Little brother couldn't make it... but never fear... Flat H was there instead!
Lovely ladies of my family at my Bridal Shower in NJ
What does Home Sweet Home mean to you?

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  1. Oh oh you had a Christmas village too!!!! My grandma put one up every year and that was my absolute favorite part of Christmas! I haven't found one person yet who had that tradition!!!! I vividly remember 9/11--my town sent firefighters to NYC and I vividly remember watching on television. I can't believe it's already been 13 years.


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