Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Golden Vlog Part 4... Christmas and New Year's Traditions

I know you have all missed me vlogging so much... but never fear, it is time for another edition of the Golden Vlog series!! AND you know what is even more exciting friends... this time I am posting my Vlog within a week of when the link up started.  For those of you who know me, that is a MIRACLE as I am almost never on time when it comes to participating in monthly link ups... the weekly ones I have down pat... but the monthly ones... I just never seem to get to them on time.

The Golden Vlog series is a monthly series hosted by my good friend Elizabeth over at Elizabeth Loves, along with Faith at Life with Mrs. G & the Artist. Bex at butcher's niche, and Sarah at 12 Twenty Seven.  Every month they put together a series of questions for us to answer in a Vlog form... this way you get to know us as a person not only through our writing, but also through our spoken word.  Plus, I mean it is kind of cool to actually see and hear the bloggers you are following instead of just reading what they have to say.  Come on friends, you can't tell me that if you don't actually know me in real life that you don't kind of wonder what I sound like?? ;-)  Anyways, this month the prompt was all about Christmas and New Year's and this month's questions were:
one// What is your favorite Christmas song (and sing a few bars)?
two// Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
three// Are you a last minute present wrapper or are you done buying and wrapping way in advance?
four// What's your favorite Christmas movie?
five// What are a couple of things on your wish list?
six// What is a favorite Christmas memory you have?
seven// If you are married, how do you split the time with each family?
eight// Do you stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve?
nine// Do you get dressed up or get comfy in your pjs?
ten// Do you have your resolutions planned by the new year or think of them once the year is here?

So without further ado... here you will find my newest vlog!! Please excuse the fact that I have giant bags under my eyes, frizzy hair and overall don't look cute.  I had a really rough week at work last week and I am pretty sure I still haven't fully recovered from it all!! Oh, and you gotta love the screen grab that YouTube picked for me... and this was by far the best of the choices!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

PS, Don't forget to head over to the link up and check out some of the amazing vlogs!


  1. Thanks for sharing your stuff! I love "Silent Night", too!! When you really listen to all of the words, you get such s picture of the whole Nativity scene. It is beautiful!

  2. I love your Christmas tree it's so big and beautiful (I'm crossing fingers that it behaves like a good tree and stays up!!) I'm also setting goals for myself instead of specific resolutions (because I was honestly really horrible at it last year!) Glad you joined us this month--I love watching your vlogs!! Merry Christmas, friend!


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