Monday, December 8, 2014

Un Viaje a Mexico para La Boda de mi Prima

On Black Friday while many people were out shopping Mark and I were headed to the Philadelphia Airport to begin our journey to Mexico to meet up with my family to see my cousin K get married!  We headed off for the airport bright and early on Friday morning and I was super excited to begin our trip towards warmer weather (I am not even remotely close to being a cold weather fan!)

Waiting in the Philly Airport to begin our journey

Finally on our way!!
Excited to be almost to Mexico!!
Sunset from the plane
We made it to our destination of Isla Mujeres around 8pm on Friday night and after checking in to the resort headed to find my family and to grab some dinner.

After dinner we headed to a local bar for some margaritas and to spend time with some of the wedding guests!

P & my cousin K the night before the wedding

My little bro with our waitress

Saturday morning we were up fairly early so that we could get some beach time in before the wedding.  After soaking up some sun it was time for my cousin K to get married!!  K looked absolutely gorgeous and it was the perfect wedding ceremony.  I don't think they could have asked for a better day!!
View from our Room
Ceremony set up

After the ceremony it was time to get the party started!! We had a night filled with dinner, dancing and of course more delicious margaritas!!

After the reception a bunch of us decided to head back to Kokonuts for some more drinks and dancing!

Sunday after a short bout of rain we spent most of the day on the beach.  It was so nice to relax on a gorgeous beach with my family.  Of course we couldn't leave without visit the pool and sitting at the pool bar, so part way through the afternoon we decided to relocate ourselves to the pool!

Monday of course came too soon and we were super sad to leave Mexico behind to return to the rain and cold weather that Philadelphia was promising for us.  Thankfully for us even though we were leaving we knew that it would only be a few short months before we would head back to Mexico for J & D's April wedding!

Until next time Mexico... it's been real!
Have you ever been to a destination wedding? Where did you travel to?

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