Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It's finally here... the week of Christmas!! As excited as I am for Christmas to finally be here because it means getting 4 uninterrupted days with family I am also nowhere near ready for it to be here as there is still plenty of shopping, wrapping, etc. to do before heading to Jersey on Wednesday morning to start the celebrating the holiday with my family.

I truly love the holiday season and the kid that it can bring out in all of us.  Last week I got together with some of my best girls for a little holiday get together and I seriously had the best night ever just being silly and catching up with them.  Of course there was some adult talk... weddings, man troubles, job searching updates, work updates, etc. but you know there was also a lot of fun in the mix.  At one point when my friend's Dad was taking pictures of us he said "What are you girls, 13?" and you know what... I am ok with him saying that.  At age 30 it is nice to know that I still have a little bit of a kid left in me and that I still have the ability to let loose and not let life get me down.  A major thanks to my friend EO for hosting and to KT for my "owl-dorable" necklace she got me as a Secret Santa gift!!

Getting into the holiday spirit with our Santa hats!!

Girls will be girls
No Christmas Party with my Girls is Complete without Peppermint Patty Shots!

Love these girls to death!!

Yup... age 30... Santa hat, unibrow, sunglasses and blue hair... that is totally how I roll
One of the other things I love about Christmas is sending and receiving Christmas cards.  This year besides sending cards to all of our friends and family, I participated in a card swap put together by the girls over at The Sequin Notebook.  B & M put together a fun swap where they paired people with others all over the country and we sent each other Christmas cards.  I was paired with Tif over at Bright on a Budget to swap cards with.  Tif is a mom, a young professional and just finished getting her MBA!  She has an awesome blog where she shares some great DIY projects, advice for mommas, fashion tips... and just all around shows that it is possible to have it all.  If you get a chance you should definitely go check her blog out!! 

My card from Tif! 
Card from the gals over at The Sequin Notebook

What are some of  your favorite things about Christmas? Does this holiday bring out the kid in you?

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  1. Thanks for joining in the card swap and sharing your beautiful cards! And have a great time in Jersey - what part are you headed to? I'm a Central gal :) Oh, and is it bad that I immediately recognized those colorful hair extensions since they are a must at every single party I host?! lol Hope you have a great holiday!! xoxo, - M @ The Sequin Notebook


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