Monday, December 1, 2014

Monograms are a Girl's Best Friend

This post is sponsored by Marley Lilly.  Though I received a scarf to review on my blog, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Everyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love my monograms.  Once I was getting married and accepted the fact that I was going to change my last name, I was all about getting my new monogram put on things.  I first discovered Marley Lilly when I was looking for bridesmaid gifts for the girls in my wedding.  I  knew that I had wanted to get them monogrammed pashminas and that is where I stumbled upon Marley Lilly.  I was able to get my bridesmaids, and myself the most amazing orange and blue pashminas... plus monogrammed a bunch of other stuff for myself with my new initials!

Orange with Blue Monogrammed Pashminas I gave as a bridesmaid gift
Having fun using our pashminas as capes
Rocking our pashminas... The bridesmaids all had orange with a blue monogram and I had navy with an orange monogram
Fast forward to about a month ago when I discovered that Marley Lilly was looking for bloggers to be sort of a brand ambassador them... I KNEW I had to apply.  I knew that my blog is on the smaller side, but I was determined to give it a shot anyway.  Imagine my surprise when one day I came home from a HORRIBLE shift at work to find that I had a package from Marley Lilly waiting for me on the dining room table.  I knew that my husband hadn't ordered me anything (he doesn't understand my monogram fascination) and I knew that I hadn't ordered anything recently, so I was soooo excited to open it and find that out of hundreds of people who applied, I had been chosen to participate!! *cue me shrieking and jumping up and down for joy* (and side note, all of this was happening at about 3am... I think my husband wanted to kill me)

If there is one thing I may love more than monograms, it may be scarves.  I was so happy to see that for my first product review I received a Cashmere Feel Scarf from Marley Lilly.  One of the first things I noticed when I took the scarf out of the bag was how soft it was.  The website describes the scarf as:

"Made of a super soft acrylic material, they feel warm and cozy against your skin and help block the cold on those nippy fall and winter days. "

Marley Lilly's description of the scarf couldn't be more spot on because this scarf is literally one of the softest scarves I have ever known and definitely lives up to its name of "cashmere feel".  You get the feeling of cashmere for a much more reasonable price of only $22.99.  

The next thing I fell in love with was the pattern.  I received a taupe chevron scarf with a brown monogram in the female style with a master circle script monogram (this pattern is actually currently sold out on the website, BUT if you love it as much as I did you can request that they notify you as soon as it is back in stock... I highly recommend doing that!).  I was really excited about the color because I don't actually have a scarf in that color and I immediately thought of so many outfits that I could pair it with.

Close up of the chevron pattern and my monogram... absolutely love the detail in it!
I have worn this scarf I can't even tell you how much since I received it... It may be my new favorite thing to wear.  And for the price of only $22.99 you can bet that I will be investing in a few more of these to wear since winter seems to have come early this year with temperatures this week being in the 40s for the high!

Now I am still not the best with these fashion blog type posts, but I did manage to convince my hubby to go outside and take a few pics of me modeling the scarf for you all!  I promise I will get better at taking these fashion pictures, but for now I think I did a pretty good job!

Looks great draped around my neck paired with a sweater, jeans and moccasins for a casual look 
Love the two tones of the scarf... that the chevron pattern in the back is smaller than the one on the front side of the scarf
I usually tie my scarves this way when I am wearing a jacket... helps keep my neck a lot warmer

This scarf is definitely a winner in my book! Super soft and keeps my neck warm on these cold Philly days we have been having recently.  I would highly recommend you get online and order yourself one of these babies... or just put in on your holiday list for someone to get for you. I promise you, you won't regret the decision to invest in one of these babies!!

PS, Don't forget to check out Marley Lilly on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!  They have some amazing Flash Sales and all sorts of deals posted on their social media pages, so be sure to take advantage of them... I know I do!!

What are your thoughts on monograms?
Have you ever shopped at Marley Lilly before?

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  1. Ooh it looks so soft and cozy. I don't have one single thing that's monogrammed so when we get back to a colder region I'm definitely looking into this!


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