Monday, January 19, 2015

In Our 30s and Still Know How to Have Fun

This weekend was my last weekend of free time because starting tomorrow I don't have a day off from work until next Wednesday.  Now some of you may be thinking that isn't so bad, but let me tell you... working 8 days straight in a restaurant is no picnic.  Granted some of the shifts are manager shifts while others are bartending shifts, but in general it is just exhausting being in the restaurant business.  So with limited time off this weekend I was so excited that we were able to spend some of it going out for our good friend JC's 35th birthday.

We haven't been friends with JC all that long... but it feels like we have been friends with him and his wife forever. His wife R is pretty much my bff from law school and my friendship with her is pretty much the only law school friendship that I maintained after graduating.  Mark and I are so blessed to have them in our lives and we were thrilled to be there to celebrate J's 35th with him!!

Law School BFFs
We had a lovely dinner for J at Pietro's Prime in West Chester... a restaurant Mark and I happened to have recently said that we wanted to try out.  I had heard that they had fantastic martinis which made me happy and then they are known for their steaks which I obviously knew would make Mark happy. We had the best time and it was a perfect Saturday night out!! For me it was awesome because it finally seemed to sink in for me that even though I am now 30, it doesn't mean that I can't have fun!

Loving having a Saturday Night Out together!!
Delicious Dirty Martini
My Dinner Versus
Hubby's Dinner
Jim's Birthday Cake
Ladies taking some shots!!
Everyone after dinner
The Table
On the subject of being in my 30s, it just occurred to me that I never posted about MY 30th birthday.  My actually 30th was pretty uneventful... Mark and I were out at his family's house for Thanksgiving and it snowed... and we drank margaritas.. and that was pretty much it.

A Very Snowy Birthday
Birthday Margaritas!!
BUT the Monday before my actual birthday I had a wonderful surprise dinner thrown for me by one of my best gals, EO.  I had told her a while back that I didn't want to do anything for my birthday because any time I try to plan something for myself it always turns out horribly wrong, meaning I usually end up in tears.  I didn't want to start my 30s off that way so I just decided we weren't going to do anything.  Then on Sunday when we were grocery shopping Mark told me he was going to take me out for dinner on Monday to celebrate my birthday a little early since we were going to be with his family on my actual birthday.  We did a little shopping and then headed to Hibachi for dinner.  When we got inside I was shocked to see a bunch of my friends just chilling at the bar... we were 10 minutes early... so they weren't quite expecting me yet and I made it there before some of my friends... but it wouldn't be me if I weren't early for my own surprise party!

We had such a fun time at dinner... it was my first time EVER at a Hibachi place!! It was great to have so many of my favorite people in one place at the same time because let's just say that with my crazy work schedule, along with the work schedules of all of my friends, it is almost impossible to get us all together at the same time... so when I say that I was so excited that we were all able to hang out it is an understatement.

Flaming Volcano Drink for my 30th

Some of the best friends a girl could ask for out to celebrate my 30th Birthday!!
I am seriously so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life and I am hoping that in 2015 I will be able to focus on my friendships and make sure that all of my friends know how much they mean to me.

Have you ever had a hard time turning a specific age? Did you ever realize that age doesn't matter, it is what you are doing with your life and who you are spending it with that really matters?

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  1. So glad to discover your space through the link-up!
    Home of "Tuesday Talk" and "Pincrazy Thursdays"~

    1. Thanks!! Aren't linkups the best for discovering great new blogs to follow??

  2. I'm having an issue with that every year, haha. Since I wanna be 16.

    1. Yeah, turning 30 was quite a scary thing... but hey, you are only as old as you feel and I definitely don't feel 30 yet!!


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