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#tbt... 2014 A Year in Review

Now that we are about a week into 2015, I figure it is about time that I do the typical "Year in Review" post for the blog.  Since I have started my #tbt series, I figured that this would be the perfect #tbt post to start off 2015!

2014 was the year that I decided that I was really going to get into blogging and try to make something of my blog.  I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself for how I managed to keep up with blogging and I am pretty sure I wrote more posts in 2014 than I did throughout all of 2010-2013 when my blog was just... well I don't even know what it was.  In 2014 I decided to make a Facebook page for my blog and to finally let all my friends and family know that I actually had a blog.  So for today's #tbt here is a look back at my blogging life in 2014.

January began my commitment to blogging and I finished out the month having written 13 posts.  January marked 3 months of marriage for Mark and I, which we celebrated by both of us working.  January was also a month where I tried out a bunch of new recipes and finally felt confident enough to start posting said recipes on my blog and even created a separate Recipes page for the blog!

In February I shared a quick rant about Valentine's Day and why I think we should always be showing those we love how much we love them instead of professing our love on one specific day.  I also helped my Grammy celebrate her 84th Birthday and talked about how I may not love my job, but that I know that one day I will end up in the job that I am meant to be in.

March meant International Badge Day and it gave me an opportunity to talk about why I love being a Chi Omega.  It was also the month in which I was nominated for my first Liebster Award.  I also shared my Top 10 Things People Say to Me as a Bartender.

In April I decided to participate in the #1800MinuteChallenge and although I didn't complete the challenge because a crazy work schedule got in the way, reflecting on it has made me want to challenge myself to complete it again in 2015.  I also had the lovely Erin over at Love, Fun and Football help me with a redesign of my blog (this was part of my making a commitment to blogging in 2014). I also hosted my first ever Sip Happens Party this month AND stood by one of my bff's side as she got married! April also marked 6 months of marriage to Mark, so I shared 6 Things I Learned in 6 Months of Marriage.

May marked the month that I decided that my readers needed to get to know me a little bit better and I posted my first ever random facts about me post! I also wrote a "Taking Stock" post as part of a link up and participated in another Cara Box exchange.

June was Mark's birthday month and we started off our month with a trip to the beach to celebrate and to tour the Dogfish Head Brewery.  I was also nominated for the Liebster Award once again.  Mark and I also went on a mini vaca to West Virginia before heading to Pittsburgh to watch my little get married.

In July I talked about Why I am Not a Perfect Blogger and also spent a lot of time posting recipes, starting with an old favorite of ours... Spinach Lasagna.  I also had a super long post where I explained why I had been so quiet on the blog... mainly because life had just been so busy.

In August I shared with you my love for craft beer and the 5 Breweries I Want to Visit.  We also made our annual trip to Lake Wallenpaupak and I was nominated for a Liebster again!! I also participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and talked a little bit about why I find it important to donate to charity. August was also the month where I wrote my first ever Guest Post over at Elizabeth Loves.

September was a slow month for me blogging wise.  I am not really sure why, but I guess I just didn't have the inspiration or something to post much this month.  I did however finally share my Infamous Sangria recipe with everyone.  I also shared another bunch of random things you should know about me if we are going to be bffs.

In October I recorded my first ever Vlog as part of the Golden Vlog series hosted by my pal Elizabeth over at Elizabeth Loves.  Mark and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary in October and I posted 12 Reasons Why I Love My Husband. This was also the month that I got Mark to actually help me with a blog post in a "Blogger Men Tell All" post... and discovered that even for a blog post he is still a man of very few words. This was the month where we went to weddings back to back weekends and celebrated our anniversary in between.

November was when I shared why fall is my favorite season.  I also wrote a post I was super proud of sharing 25 Reasons You Know You Are a Bucknellian.  November also marked when I got my first pair of sunglasses from Subsidy Shades and I was able to share with you a little bit about a company that sells sunglasses for a cause. In honor of my 30th Birthday I shared another few random facts about myself, as well as what 8 years together looks like for Mark and me.

December seemed like it absolutely flew by for me!  We started off the month with a trip to Mexico to celebrate my cousin's wedding.  I was also super excited to have been selected to review a product for Marley Lilly... my FAVORITE monogramming website! The beginning of the month was also jam packed with Christmas activities, baby showers and spending time with friends. December also marked getting to celebrate Christmas a little early with some of my favorite girls.

Overall 2014 was a fabulous year for me and I am truly looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!! I hope you enjoyed the journey with me this past year and hope you stick around to see what adventures I find this year!!

What was your favorite part about your 2014?

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  1. Love this throwback to the year past! Hears to an even better and brighter 2015!!!!


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