Monday, April 14, 2014

Because Sometimes... #SipHappens

Last weekend I was able to host my first ever #SipHappens party and let me just say I had a FANTASTIC time with my girls who attended.  First I guess I should explain what exactly a #SipHappensParty is.... basically it is just an excuse to get together with the girls to drink a whole bunch of different wines and decide which ones we like best.  Now how does one pick the wines might you ask... well our bloggy host picks a wine totally based off of the label for everyone to try and then the rest of us pick other random wines based off of their labels to try at our parties.

This time around the featured label was "Goats do Roam" and then I picked the rest of my wines based off on animal labels.
So we ended up trying "Goats do Roam" white blend, "Anakena" Savignon Blanc, and "Silly Goose" Shiraz (I am the only only who drinks red, which is sad but I had to get a bottle of red with a fun label for myself to try!)  Overall the girls really liked the "Anakena" the best... it was a  bit sweeter than the "Goats do Roam"... personally I liked the "Silly Goose" best because well like I said I am a red wine drinker normally, but for a white "Goats do Roam" was pretty good... not as sweet as I had expected... hence why I was able to drink a few glasses of it!

Of course we had tons of fun drinking our wine... 

pretending to be animals... I mean the labels were all animal themed, so of course we had to be animals... 

I don't even know what animals we are all pretending to be... but we so look fierce!
And I still can't make the duck face lol
and watching YouTube videos of...


This seriously may have been one of the best girls' nights in that I have had in a while.  Definitely just what I needed after a long and stressful few weeks!  Can't wait until the next #SipHappensParty which will be in June with the theme of local wines!!!  Girls... I think this means that there are some winery trips in our future!!!!!!

Have you ever participated in a #SipHappensParty? What is your favorite type of wine?

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