Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#ClutchTime... Game 7 Here We Come

So I had a blog post originally scheduled for today, but after last night's AMAZING win by the Flyers over the Rangers I decided that since the hubby and I actually got to go to the game I couldn't pass up the opportunity to recap it for you all today!  To say that I was excited to go to the game was an understatement as I haven't had the chance to go to a Flyers' game since the Flyers played the Devils in the playoffs two years ago.... yeah you read that right TWO freaking YEARS AGO. (And of course they lost that game and were out of the playoffs... making me some sort of bad luck charm for them?)  Now for someone who loves hockey that is an incredibly LONG time without being able to get to a game, but unfortunately my work schedule has just not allowed it because either a) I can't get someone to cover for me or b) I need the money too badly so I can't afford to take off.  So needless to say when I was able to get someone to switch their shift with me I was beyond thrilled that I was going to be able to go to the game.

M and I had planned to tailgate before the game and to get to use some of our new tailgating stuff (M bought a new table for tailgating as well as a new blue-tooth speaker so that we could listen to music), but unfortunately the pouring rain put the kabash on that plan pretty quickly.  BUT don't you worry, we still managed to have some fun tailgating, just in the car.


Before heading to the game (while waiting for M to get home from work) I headed to Primos to get us some delicious subs (or hoagies for those who live in this area and aren't from NJ like I am) and then packed us up a cooler full of delicious beer to drink before the game.  We hung out in the car and enjoyed some beer and our sandwiches before heading in for what we hoped would be a good game for the Flyers.

Once we got inside we discovered a face painting station, so OF COURSE I HAD to get the Flyers symbol painted on my cheek, because well what kind of a fan would I be if  I didn't get that done!  M thought I was crazy, but I was pretty excited about it!
Excuse the fact that I look super tired... I was... But I do love my facepainting!!
The game got off to a REALLY ROCKY start... in fact based on the first few minutes I was pretty convinced that I was a bad luck charm and that the Flyers were going to lose and get knocked out of the playoffs.  Thankfully Mason looked INCREDIBLE in goal and just kept making save after save after save to keep the Flyers in the game! FINALLY towards the end of the period Simmonds was able to score a power play goal giving the Flyers a 1-0 lead after the first period!

Mason... def one of the MVPs of this game!

Hubby & I enjoying the game
1-0 at the end of the first period!!
The second period started and the Flyers came out looking like the team that we know and love!  They came out with a vengeance and we knew that they weren't giving up hope! Before we knew it Simmonds had scored his third goal and the fans went wild throwing so many hats onto the ice. (BTW, does anyone know what they do with all of those hats? I mean they pretty much had I think hundreds of them on the ice by the time all was said and done)  Then the 2nd period was over and the Flyers were up 4-0!

Seriously this pile of hats doesn't even begin to show you how many were actually on the ice!

Just us... acting silly... ya know... normal
During the 2nd intermission I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with one of my bffs and of course we took a picture together before heading back in for the third period.

As the third period began the Flyers were still playing great hockey and were still up by 4.  Eventually the Rangers scored making it 4-1... but never fear, the Flyers weren't going to let that stop them.  The Rangers pulled their goalie and Giroux was able to score an unassisted goal into the empty net making it now 5-1.  Needless to say the fans were going CRAZY!  In fact during the third period the fans got so crazy there was actually a fist fight in one of the upper sections across the ice from us.  Watching grown men throw punches at each other definitely distracted me from the game for a few minutes, but oh well it happens.  In the third period Mason continued to make a bunch of fantastic saves, although the Rangers were able to get one more past him.  In the end the Flyers ended up winning 5-2 and are headed to NY today to MSG for game 7!

Let's Go Flyers!!!!!!

Do you watch hockey? What is your favorite team?

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