Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Williamsburg Wedding... Cheryl & Jared tie the knot!

This past weekend M and I headed to Williamsburg, VA where one of my best friends (& bridesmaids), CS would be tying the knot with one JW.  I was so excited for this trip to Williamsburg because I think besides my own wedding I was most excited for these two to get married as they have been dating for just about as long as M & I were before we got married which just made it that more special for us all!

M & I arrived on Friday afternoon after a long but stress free drive.  M ended up driving straight through... all 5.5 hours from West Chester to Williamsburg.  He will tell you he drove the whole way because I had worked the night before and was super tired having only gotten 4 hours of sleep... but I really think it is just because he thinks he is a better driver than I am (we all know I am the better driver though!)  When we got to Williamsburg we checked into our hotel and then headed out to find some food and of course a cocktail! We ended up walking to this delightful restaurant right across the street from our hotel called Food for Thought.  It was such a cute place inside and of course I was able to have a FANTASTIC pomegranate martini!

After a quick bite we headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before heading to the rehearsal.  Rehearsal went pretty smoothly... minus the fact that the officiant originally thought that J's name was J.C... but we got that straightened out really quick.  Rehearsal dinner was super low key and M and I had a fabulous time hanging out with C's family.

Speed Limit of 18mph... I have NEVER seen something like that before!
Before we knew it Saturday morning was upon us and it was time to get ready for the wedding!  C was by far the MOST CHILL bride I have ever seen... nothing seemed to phase her.  Well except for the fact that J was 11 minutes late with our lunch... but other than that she was cool, calm and collected all leading up to the ceremony.  The ceremony was fairly quick... but C and J couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for it... temperatures in the 80s, sunny, just a little bit of wind... it was seriously a perfect day for an outdoor wedding ceremony.
I am absolutely in LOVE with how my hair turned out... better than the picture I had pinned!
Monica looks thrilled to be getting her hair done
Nails by Christina... taking care of all your wedding day nails... love that Maid of Honor Christina did a few gel manicures before the ceremony

Wifey & Bride (aka soon to be wifey)
Mama Swayne and her beer!
Beautiful bride all ready to go!
Ready to go! 
After the ceremony we headed inside for cocktail hour and the reception.  We had such a fabulous time filled with good food, good company, many laughs and of course lots of dancing!

Father-Daughter dance
So excited I got to see one of my long lost high school friends
Cake cutting
Husband and Wife at our first wedding since our own!
Love this girl like she is my own sister!
But first let me take a selfie!
Swayne sisters dancing with Papa Swayne
This wedding was seriously full of so much love and I had such an amazing time being there to help one of my besties as she begins this next stage of her life.  Of course it helps that I totally feel like her family is my family so it made the weekend even better because of feeling like I was with family (of course nothing compares to my own family, but I have to say that the S family comes in a close 2nd!)

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the pictures that I took at the wedding you can check them out here

Where was the last wedding that you went to? Any weddings coming up in the future?

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