Friday, April 4, 2014

Something's Different Around These Parts....

I don't know if you all have notice, but something is different around these parts. No... I'm still the same old me (and no I am not pregnant... since that seems to be the #1 thing people assume when I say I have good news now that I am married)... BUT my blog got a redesign!!!!

I could not be more grateful that Erin over at Love, Fun & Football reached out to me after reading my post about how I felt that my blog needed some sprucing up if I was going to make a commitment to blogging in 2014.  I cannot stress how A-MAZE-ING Erin was throughout this whole process.  She listened to my million and one questions... dealt with the changes I wanted to make (even down to making a change after we had launched the new design)... dealt with the fact that I wanted a specific font and just kept trying to describe it to her until we found the perfect one.

Seriously this girl is a SAINT for putting up with me throughout this entire process. I am pretty sure I had to have been the most annoying blogger ever when it came to my questions and I am just so glad that she was willing to help me!

That being said... if you ever need a new blog design I would HIGHLY recommend talking to Erin!! She does fabulous work for such a reasonable price that I couldn't ever imagine asking anyone else to redo my blog ever again (who knows if I will even ever redo it... I mean it did take me almost 4 years to redesign it this time around....)

And of course I obviously love reading Erin's blog, so you should totally check her out!

Love, Fun & Football

Today I am super, incredibly, beyond words thankful to Erin for helping me to make my blog the best that it can be.  Had she not reached out to me after reading my post I am pretty sure that my blog would still look at hot mess.  She has helped me gain confidence in this blogging thing because I now finally have a blog that feels more like me.  So thank you Erin... thank you for helping me to continue this blogging journey with a fresh new start!

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