Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking Stock

Erin over at Love, The Campbells has a "blog every day in May" challenge going on right now, and while I haven't really been participating in the challenge, I have been reading her blog daily and I LOVED the "Taking Stock" post that she did yesterday, so I figured, why not link up with her on this one and do one of my own!

Making: Just finished making a wreath for my front door... not bad for one of the few crafting projects I have done since graduating college 7 years ago!

Cooking: Agave Balsamic Salmon... got the recipe here from Whitey over at I Wore Yoga Pants

Drinking: French Vanilla Iced Coffee from WaWa... hubby gave me his leftover gift card... gotta use it on something!

Reading: Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin ... have had a super hard time getting into this book and of course it is over 700 pages so it is taking me FOREVER to read!  Finally more than halfway done though, so there is hope I will finish it in the next week or so!

Wanting: To go back to Europe... more specifically to go back to Spain.  Missing Granada and life there so much right about now!

Looking: For a new job... my current one stinks and I REALLY need to get out of there before I lose what little sanity I have left!

Playing: Words with Friends... so addicted (easmith007 is my username if you too are addicted and would like to play me!)

Wasting: My education.

Sewing: Nothing... I can't sew for my life.  I think the hubby is actually better at sewing than I am.

Wishing: That I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Enjoying: Having a day off from work after a longggggg night last night!

Waiting: For my hubby to come home from work so we can spend a little time together before I go off to Zumba tonight.

Liking: The color I got on my nails today... it is called "Princesses Rule"  Light pink with a hint of sparkles... yup, right up my ally!

Wondering: If I am going to get one of the jobs I have interviewed for recently.

Loving: That spring weather is finally here and that I have been able to start planting my flowers!

Hoping: The the weather is nice on Saturday because we are supposed to go to a BBQ and then a goodbye party for one of my bff's before she leaves for Argentina for 5 weeks!

Marveling: At how quickly time is going by.  We are almost halfway through 2014... M and I have been married for over 7 months... one of my bff's is about to have a baby even though it feels like she just told me she was pregnant.  CRAZY!

Needing: Zumba and some time with my ladies tonight.  Need to take out my stress somehow!

Smelling:  Rain on a Spring day!

Wearing: Yoga pants and my favorite Chi Omega t-shirt

Following: Way too many blogs as a result of entering contests on them.  I am going to have to go through and see which ones I truly like and then go from there.

Noticing: That Spring really is here now that flowers are blooming, waking up to birds chirping, and and overall brightness in people's moods!

Knowing: That I need to finish this post before the hubby gets home from work so that we can spend a bit of time together before Zumba.

Thinking: About whether or not I want to go back to school to facilitate a complete career change.

Feeling: Uncertain about where my future will take me

Bookmarking: Recipes on Pinterest... we need some new recipes in our lives!

Opening: Mail reminding me that I need to fill out my NJ attorney registration so that should a job come up I am still eligible to practice law in NJ.

Giggling: Watching my favorite video which can always put a smile on my face... Giraffe in Quicksand baby!

Feeling: Grateful that I have such an amazing support system in my family and friends!  I have been feeling really down about things recently and they have all been there to support me and try to lift me up when I feel like I am lost.

Have you "Taken Stock" recently? I'd love to hear what is going on with you!

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