Monday, May 5, 2014

Whatchu Know About Me?!

... or rather, 10 things you may not know about me...

one: Something happened to me when I was in the hospital being born and as a result I have a pretty significant dent in my head.  As if having a dent in my head isn't enough, said dent is also a bald spot.  Which means certain hair styles won't work on me because well, you can see my dent/bald spot.

two: I was a cheerleader in high school and I am proud of it!  I also won the scholar-athlete award for the cheerleading squad my senior year and one of the other girls on the squad told me it was discrimination against stupid people that I won because she was a better cheerleader than I was.  Guess she missed the memo that it was a scholar-athlete award.

three: I have an irrational fear of escalators.

four: I used to be fluent in Spanish.  I say "used to be" because I feel like I have lost a lot of it since I don't speak it all the time.... BUT it does come back quite quickly when people start speaking it to me.

five: My husband and I never share the true story of how we met because I find it embarrassing.  We usually just say we met through a mutual friend... which is the truth, just not the whole truth.

six: When I was in 6th grade I was in an anti-bullying movie that the NHL put together.  I was in a classroom scene and a pizza shop scene.  I knew acting wasn't for me when I was forced to eat pizza at 8am even though I wasn't hungry and didn't want it.  Plus it was such a waste of pizza when they constantly made us take one or two bites out of a slice before we would have to re-shoot the scene.  This also is where my love affair with hockey began because a) I got to meet a bunch of NHL players and b) I got to attend a charity softball game where I got to again meet a bunch of NHL players.

seven: I play the flute. And am actually pretty good at it... so good that in middle school I played in a few duets in concerts.

eight: I love ketchup and tomatoes but I think tomato sauce/marinara sauce is one of the most disgusting things on the face of the planet.  If I could completely eliminate it from my diet I would... except I don't think the hubby would enjoy that too much.

nine: When I was in third grade I went through an identity crisis where I kept on changing my name.  My poor teachers never knew what time I was going to put on my papers.  Sometimes it was Elizabeth, sometimes it was Betsey... or Liz... or Lizbeth... or Beth... or Lizzie... I think I even used Eliza a few times.  In the end I continued to go by Betsey or Elizabeth depending on how many of the other Elizabeths were in my class.

ten: Although I have traveled all over Europe I have never been across the US border to either Canada or Mexico.

Did any of you know all of these random facts about me? 

What are some random things people might not know about YOU?

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