Thursday, May 22, 2014

#tbt... My Bucknell Graduation

Since last week I did a throw back to my law school graduation, it is only fair that this week I do a throwback to my college graduation.  Although I technically (according to my diploma) graduated from Bucknell on January 20, 2007, I did walk in my graduation in May.  My parents told me I had to walk in graduation because they hadn't paid all that money for me to go to school to not see me walk across the stage and receive a fake diploma!

Hubby & I 7 years ago when we graduated from Bucknell!

A family of Bucknellians... that's right... now all 4 of us have graduated from Bucknell!
Bucknell ladies... cause yes, that is right my Aunt, Grammy & Mom are all Bucknellians too!

Does throwing back to your graduation from high school, college, grad school, etc. make you as nostalgic as it makes me?

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