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That's right friends... it is that time again... Cara Box REVEAL time!! As most of you know I have been participating in the Cara Box exchange since last August and for the most part it has been a wonderful experience for me (You can read about my past experiences here, here and here).  I have met so many wonderful women through the exchange and have without a doubt made some new friends for life in them. 

For those of you who don't know what the Cara Box Exchange is, it was started by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals as a way to "Make Friends... Receive Gifts... Share Encouragement".  It is basically like having a pen pal the way we did in elementary school... we write e-mails back and forth... read each others' blogs (if your partner has one)... comment on Instagram photos... tweet... etc. Then in the end after getting to know your partners you said a box of gifts to one partner and receive a box of gifts from the other.  The exchange occurs quarterly which gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and create the PERFECT boxes for one another! 

Cara Box

This time around I was paired up with Kyla from Colorado and Alicia who is from California.  Our task this quarter was to create a box for our partners with the theme of where we live.

This quarter I sent a box to Alicia all the way in California.  Alicia is around my age and has an adorable little girl.  She is a SAHM who has her own daycare business so that she can be home for her daughter to watch her grow up.  I failed miserably at making Alicia's box "Philly" themed, but I did make sure to include things in the box that hopefully the entire family would be able to enjoy.  I even put my "crafting" skills to use and made Alicia a few things. 

The only picture I have of what went in Alicia's Box...This did not turn out exactly as I had hoped, but for my first time "crafting" in years I don't think it turned out too bad.  And I guess it kinda fits with the theme because it was "Handmade in Philly by me"

I received a box this time around from Kyla who is a teacher in Colorado.  Kyla and I are kindred spirits in that we both just got married recently and are navigating the waters of newly wed life.  Kyla is actually from the suburbs of Denver and I actually visited her little town when I was out there on a family vacation YEARS ago.  Kyla is also my kindred spirit because she is pretty much just as owl obsessed as I am.  One of the first things I noticed when we were first paired up and I was stalking her Instagram was the insane amount of owl things she had... we even have the SAME owl coffee mug!  

This is our owl mug... so random that we both have this!

Kyla did a great job with the theme... definitely came up with creative ways to incorporate it into a box that I absolutely LOVE! 

Kyla sent me a journal that says "Live a Colorful Life" on the front because apparently when  you come into Colorado there is a sign that says "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" and apparently that sign is a really ugly brown.  But Kyla swears (& I know from visiting the state) that Colorado does have some GORGEOUS sunsets so that must be where the "colorful" part comes from!   She also sent me a variety pack of Celestial Seasonings tea as it is made in Colorado (I had no idea) and says that if I ever come to visit their factory is a MUST see (in her words).  I definitely want to take the hubby out to Denver at some point, so this may just have to go on our list of places to visit.

Knowing how much M and I love craft beer, Kyla sent us some postcards from New Belgium brewing that she thought we could use as coasters.

Now, of course she couldn't let my owl obsession go unnoticed... so she sent me some hand sanitizer that came in a container shaped like an owl.  Then probably one of my favorite things is my owl lawn decoration.  Kyla says that people in Colorado are notorious for having yard decorations, mostly gnomes, but she thought I would appreciate an owl more than a gnome and she couldn't have been more right!

Lastly Kyla collects t-shirts from all of the places that she visits, so she sent me my very own Colorado t-shirt!  Can't wait to wear it and pretend that I just got back from visiting the fabulous state of Colorado!!

Once again I had a positive experience with the Cara Box exchange and I look forward to keeping in touch with both Alicia and Kyla in the future!! 

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