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That's right friends... it is that time again... time for the CARA BOX REVEAL!!!!! As many of you know, I first participated in the Cara Box Exchange in August and had a wonderful experience... I loved it so much that I participated again in October and had just as wonderful an experience. I actually still keep in touch with a few of my partners which is AWESOME!  I truly feel like I gained some new friends from this experience.

For those of you who don't know what the Cara Box exchange is... it was started by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals as a way to "Make Friends...Receive Gifts...Share Encouragement". It is basically like having a pen pal like we did when we were in Elementary school, only with these e-mail/Instagram pen pals we send each other gifts after getting to know one another. The exchange occurs quarterly which gives us plenty of time to know each other and to create a box that truly reflects our partners.

Cara Box

This time around I was paired up with Erin from Sugar Crumbs and Ashley from A Nelson's Nest.  This quarter bloggers were paired with other bloggers from their state to get to know via Instagram as well as e-mails. 

This quarter I sent a box to Erin from Sugar Crumbs!  Erin lives not to far from me and loves to crochet.  She makes this ADORABLE Amigurumi creations which she sells in her Etsy Shop.  I will definitely be purchasing some from her as I have a few pregnant friends who I would love to see with these homemade creations in their nurseries.  I am also hoping to get some crocheting tips from Erin as my mother-in-law gave me all the tools to learn how to crochet but I think I need a little more help than my how-to book!  If you ask her if she has any hobbies besides crocheting she will probably look at you like you are crazy, but I do know that she also enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  This was Erin's first time participating in the Cara Box exchange so I hope she enjoyed the box that I sent her... I tried to make it extra special for her (& her family!!)!

I received a box from Ashley at A Nelson's Nest.  Ashley is a momma to two kids who are just too cute for words.  I absolutely LOVED seeing Ashley's pictures of them on Instagram and I am pretty sure I "liked" or commented on just about every single one of them.  Ashley is from the part of PA closer to where I went to college, so I could definitely relate to living in that part of the state.  Despite the weather trying to keep my box from me I received it on Valentine's Day and it was perfect since I knew I wasn't going to get to spend my day with my hubby... it was a great pick me up.

Ashley was so thoughtful when putting together this box for me!  She included stuff for me to pamper myself because she knows that I am working really hard and on my feet ALL THE TIME for work.  She said she wanted me to be able to relax a bit after my long days at work. 

Ashley also fed my owl and wine obsessions.  I am pretty sure from looking at my Instagram feed it is pretty apparent that I love my wine almost as much as I love owls.  I post all kinds of pictures of wine related items... in fact in the above picture of my box contents you can see my wine corks that are on my centerpiece on my living room table!  Ashley was kind enough to go to a local winery and get me a bottle of their wine to try!  I am so looking forward to trying it and may even pop open the bottle as soon as I finish writing this post (or I decided to pop open the bottle while writing this post cause I am a wineo and couldn't wait!)! Result is... wine is delicious!  She also included some adorable wine magnets for me to decorate my refrigerator with... "Keep Calm and Drink Wine"... yes please! Of course Ashley included an owl necklace for me and I am so excited to wear it!  Owls are probably my favorite animal (next to giraffes) and that comes from being a proud Chi Omega!  

I also love the fact that Ashley included a "Date Night" jar for M and I.  M and I are always looking for new things to do and sometimes we do have a hard time deciding what to do when we have a free night because let's face it, they don't happen all that often.  Ashley definitely put a lot of thought into these as she was sure to include things tailored to both of our interests... beer tasting date and hockey game dates for Mark... wine tasting and looking at wedding pictures dates for me.  She even included a few blank date sticks so that we could write in our own! I am so looking forward to being able to go on some new adventures with M!  

I am so looking forward to continuing to talk to both Ashley and Erin as I feel we have formed friendships in a unique way, but I am confident that we will be able to continue our friendships past this Cara Box experience.  I look forward to continuing to participate in the exchange and getting to know more wonderful women in the blogging community!

As always, today I think it is fitting to say that I am thankful for the Cara Box exchange.  Kaitlyn has done such a wonderful thing in introducing bloggers to other bloggers.  I have met some amazing women though this exchange and I look forward to my almost daily interactions with them all.  These are women who I have shared a lot about my life with, women who I feel completely comfortable talking with and being myself with, women who I am not afraid to share my crazy stories with despite the fact that we haven't known each other all that long.  Each woman that I have been paired with has been remarkable and I have learned so much from talking to each and every one of them!  So thank you Kaitlyn for organizing the Cara Box exchange and for helping me to meet so many amazing women!

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