Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For Bookworms Like Me

It is no secret that I love to read.  Pretty much anyone who knows me (or reads this blog for that matter) knows that I almost always have my nose in a book.  When I am reading I can pretty much tune the rest of the world out... just ask my husband... he will tell you that trying to talk to me while I have my nose in a book is fairly difficult virtually impossible.

My book reading habit is so out of control that I even talk about books with some of my regulars who come in to the bar.  I know, you are probably thinking "What kind of a bartender talks about books with her guests?"... well this girl does.  BUT from talking to some of my bar guests about books I was introduced to this fabulous website called "Book Bub".  Book Bub is a fantastic resource for people like me because it offers various books for e-readers at a discounted price.  Book Bub has helped me to read some books outside of my comfort zone because I see them on there for free and I think "Why not?"  Through Book Bub I have found some new favorite authors and have discovered that sci-fi novels aren't necessarily as bad as I thought they were.  I also discovered that I don't loathe romance novels as much as I thought I did... they are actually some good ones out there (& they are super quick reads!)!

One of the best parts about Book Bub is that it is completely FREE to sign up!  You give them your e-mail address, let them know what kind of books you generally like to read, and they send you a daily e-mail with book recommendations for you.  Some of the books they recommend are free, some are majorly discounted (I got a series of 4 books about a week ago for $1.99!!!!!), and some are just slightly discounted.  Book Bub has helped me save SOOOO much money on books for my Kindle and has helped to keep my reading habit completely out of control.  I think I have about 30 books in my Kindle library to read (thank you Book Bub) and I also recently purchased a few paperback books to read because while we were out of power I kept on killing my Kindle battery and had no way to charge it save going out to my car and reading in the car while it was charging.

Since I am on the topic of reading... I figure I might as well do a book review on my last free Book Bub download that I read.... Never Too Old for Romance by Barbara J. Peters.

Never Too Old for Romance was one of those free downloads that I got from Book Bub on a whim.  I am really glad that I got it because while I thought it was going to be one of those sappy romance novels, it was NOT.  This book was inspiring to me... made me realize that no matter how old you are, that it is YOU who is in control of your own destiny and that it is NEVER too late to make a change.

In Never Too Old for Romance, 66 year old Melanie realizes that she is not completely happy in life and that her life is just missing something.  While she has a job she loves as a cardiac nurse, her husband doesn't pay any attention to her and it is as though they are living completely separate lives under the same roof.  Melanie doesn't have someone that she can share her life with and she desperately wants someone to connect with.  With her 50 year high school reunion coming up, Melanie reconnects with an old high school acquaintance who she actually does not remember at all.  The two end up having a steamy affair which ends up leading them both to realize that they need to make some changes in their lives.

Now, while I don't condone affairs, I found it interesting that both the male and female protagonists wanted to make a change in their lives and it took having an affair for them to realize it.  Although it took having an affair for Melanie to realize how unhappy she was, she did break off the affair and head to Paris to do some soul searching of her own.  Melanie realized that she needed to make changes in her life and she does just that.  Melanie gets out of her loveless marriage and is finally able to start enjoying her life.

While some of this book seems very unrealistic (but then again what works of fiction aren't sometimes totally unrealistic), it was still an interesting read and a very quick one at that!  If you are looking for a fairly quick read I would definitely recommend this book!

As always, today I am thankful for Chi Omega.  I know I have written a bunch of posts about Chi O, but yesterday they had an Instagram prompt of #WhiILoveChiO and it made me once again reflect on my time in a sorority.  Chi Omega has been such a HUGE part of my life and through it I have met some amazing life-long friends.  These are the girls who are my sisters, who were in my wedding, who were at my wedding, who are some of the first I share the exciting news of my life with.  These are girls who will be in my life forever and who I am forever grateful for.  And for good measure, here is the #WhiILoveChiO picture that I used yesterday....All my Chi Mu sisters at my wedding (of course doing the typical "sorority squat")! 

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