Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Weekend... a Whirlwind of a Weekend

Valentine's Day may be one of my least favorite holidays as I work in the restaurant industry & am not allowed to request off for this day that is supposed to be filled with love, chocolates, pink, & spending time with the one you love... you know... all that good stuff.  Instead I spent my night running around like a maniac dealing with the lovely clientele that come into our fine establishment (read between the lines... the trashy people that came into our chain restaurant more for the All Star weekend basketball stuff than for Valentine's Day).  To make matters worse I got home from work and M was already passed out in bed (normally he waits up for me to get home from work on Friday nights but I guess this Friday he was just too tired) so obviously I did what most normal people do and I made myself a GIANT mimosa to celebrate Valentine's Day and to unwind from my horrific night at work.

Of course when we woke up on Saturday morning M definitely knew I was annoyed at him (plus of course I had vented my frustrations via a Facebook status... I know, so mature... but I was exhausted and let me emotions get the best of me).  I really didn't want to get out of bed because it has been such a rough night, but I knew that M wanted to go to Costco during the day... so I eventually dragged myself out of bed so that we could spend some time together.  We went to lunch at Cosi before hitting up Costco for some household essentials.

After getting back from Costco M & I decided to exchange our Valentine's Day gifts to each other.  This year I tried to get M a bunch of meaningful gifts since it was our first married Valentine's Day.  He got a mouse pad with wedding pictures of us on it, a picture frame with his favorite wedding picture of me in it, an 8" x 10" canvas print of his favorite wedding picture of me... (are you noticing a theme here)... a T-shirt that says "Best Husband Ever" on it, and then my personal favorite a chalkboard tap handle for our keg-o-rater.  Of course he immediate took something off the wall and hung up the canvas (NOTE: it is NOT staying it its current location next to the TV because I think it looks awkward and I refuse to have a picture of just me in the living room) and he also almost immediately put the tap handle on the keg-o-rater.  I am super thrilled that he loved all his gifts as I definitely tried to give him things that he would treasure for years to come instead of the typical corny gifts.

Tap Handle already on the keg-o-rater
Awkwardly hanging next to the TV...needs a new home
Cute mouse pad for either our office or M's office at work

Now I got all that stuff for M and he totally shocked me with my gift... a NEW TABLET!!!!! I have been itching for a tablet for a long time now.  I see everyone with their iPads, Windows Tablets, etc. and pretty much every time I would see someone using one on a TV show I would go "I really want a tablet..."  Apparently M was listening all of those times when I said that because low & behold when I opened my gift I had this nice, shiny, new tablet to play with.  And play with it I did... I am pretty sure M created a monster as I haven't really set it down much since getting it (well except to write this blog post because well my pictures are all on my computer and unless I upload them to Google + I can't get them on the tablet just yet). 
Excuse all the fingerprints on the tablet... I was so excited I used it for about an hour before I took a pic of it
 M also stepped up his game this year and got me 3 cards instead of the normal 2 that he always gets me.  

And of course I got my roses! :-)

Saturday night M and I went to La Locunda (this small Italian place I had been DYING to try) and it did NOT disappoint.  We ordered a bottle of wine to split (M has been more into trying wine since we did our wine tasting during our honeymoon) and started off with the most delicious brushetta I have ever had.  For dinner I had lobster ravioli and M had some angel hair pasta with a crab sauce that had LOTS of garlic in it (apparently the chef didn't want us kissing later that night).  After dinner we each had some limoncello before calling it a night and heading home.

Once at home we decided to watch a movie and both of us proceeded to struggle staying awake watching a movie.  We are such an old, boring married couple at times it kills me.  

Sunday was a typical day for us... grocery shopping in the morning and then me heading off to work at night.  Sunday night at work is usually chill but last night it was a MESS.  We were so incredibly busy I felt like I just never stopped moving.  It definitely seemed like a Friday night in there instead of a Sunday... and of course we didn't have the typical Friday night staff working.  Instead of having 3 bartenders plus a service bar person we just had 3 bartenders.  Let's just say it was a mess and by the end of the night we were all exhausted.  And of course I came home and had trouble sleeping so am still exhausted today.  Oh well, at least I have the day off to recover!

How was your Valentine's Day Weekend? Did you do anything special with your loved ones?

As always, today I am saying thanks to my hubby for trying to make my least favorite weekend of the year into one that I would remember and that was fun.  Despite my being annoyed at him he did everything in his power to make me feel extra loved on a weekend when I definitely needed a little bit of that extra love and affection.

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