Friday, February 7, 2014

Let There Be Light!!

Cool Icicle when I got home from work on Tuesday
After about 36 hours without power we FINALLY have lights again!! I cannot tell you the sense of relief I found when I got home from work last night to see that the light outside my apartment was on.  Thanks to the lovely ice storm that hit the Philly region on late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning we lost power and didn't get it back til sometime yesterday when M & I were both at work. Thankfully we have some amazing friends who offered to help us through our lack of power.  SC let me come to her apartment yesterday in order to take a hot shower (I hadn't had one in 2 days!), the V family offered to let us stay at their house until we got power, and MM also offered up her shower/house to M and I if we still hadn't gotten power back.

Finally found a use for our wedding lanterns!
Drinks by candle light with my lov
Lunch and electricity at Barnes & Noble
I will probably try to get back to blogging in the next few days.  Without being able to blog I have been thinking about the future of this little blog of mine and trying to figure out where I want to go with it. The more I read other blogs the more I feel like mine is inadequate.  But then I remember that I started this blog for me... as a place for me to share my thoughts... as a place for me to write about some of our life experiences... as a place for me to catalogue my favorite recipes... etc.  So should I really be worried that my blog doesn't have a "brand" or a "theme"? These are things that I have to think about... although I am pretty sure in the end I will just keep on doing what I am doing because like I said... I started this blog for ME and not to please other people, so I just have to make sure that I keep making myself happy while posting and that is all I can do.

As always, what I am thankful for.  Though this might seem trivial and superficial, today I am super thankful for living where we do.  I know 36 hours without power might not seem like a lot, but for me, it was.  I am so thankful that I live in a place with lights and heat and all that jazz.  I never realized how much I took all of this for granted but after being in my apartment for 36 hours where the temperature was a whopping 54 degrees inside it made me reflect on how lucky I am to live where I live and to have all the amenities that we do.

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