Wednesday, June 4, 2014

29 Things I Love About My Hubby for His 29th Birthday


Traditional homemade bday cake by me for the hubby... chocolate cake with peanut butter icing... his favorite!
That's right, today is my husband's 29th birthday!! Although it is only his 29th (making him one year close to the BIG 3-0!) I feel like today needs to be celebrated because a) it is M's birthday and b) because it is his first birthday as my husband (and I feel like that is kind of a big deal)!  So today in honor of M I am going to share with you all 29 things I love about my husband!

1. He is my best friend.
2. He gets me when no one else does.
3. After being together for almost 8 years, he still manages to surprise me every so often.
4. He gives the BEST hugs!
5. Speaking of hugs, being in his arms can sometimes make all my worries disappear!
6. His baby blues (a.k.a. his eyes... he claims this is part of how he landed me... by batting his baby blues at me... I beg to differ)
Seriously though... look how blue they are here!
7. That although he is definitely a tough guy, he does show his emotions every so often!
One of my favorites from our wedding... using my look at the ceiling so you don't cry trick!
8.  He is so super thoughtful sometimes (i.e. telling me to purchase a spa package for myself as his bday gift because all he wanted for his bday was for me to relax)
9. The fact that he is an engineer (I always have someone who can fix things for me!)

10. The fact that he is way more technologically inclined than I am.
11. That he yells at me when I skip meals (I know it isn't good for me, and sometimes I just need him to kick my butt and remind me of that fact)
12.  He is a great bug-killer.
13. He reminds me to not take myself so seriously all the time (even though I don't always listen to him)

14. His goofy smile when he knows he is being so off the wall.
15. Actually I just love his smile period.
16. The way that he can make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
17.  The fact that he puts me in my place (or at least tries to) when I am being completely irrational.
18. He is my partner in crime.
19.  He is an amazing cook/baker (M seriously makes one banging cheesecake! [among other things])
Proof that he actually does step foot in the kitchen!
20. He challenges me to do things outside of my comfort zone (even when I protest a ton)
21. He reminds me that sometimes we need to slow down and smell the roses... literally.
22.  That when I get into bed after a rough night at work, whether he wakes up or not he always rolls over and puts his arm around me.
23. That he can have full conversations with me while sleeping and not remember a thing in the morning (He might tell you I hate this about him, but it is one of his funny little quirks that I kinda love now)
24. When he does the dishes or laundry or cleans the house a little bit... makes me feel really loved.
25. The way he pesters me to talk about whatever is bothering me (I usually don't want to talk at first but it always feels so much better after I do talk to him about it all)
26. That even when he is super tired he always tries to stay awake until I get home from work as long as he doesn't need to work the next day (9 times out of 10 I find him passed out on the couch when I get home)
27.  That he loves me despite my many flaws.
28.  That he will always defend the ones he loves... be it friends or family... he is definitely a guy that you want to have on your side!
29. And last but not least I love the fact that he is my husband and that we get to spend the rest of our lives together!

What are some things that you love about your significant other?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR HUBBY. Hope it's a great one.

    I love my hun b/c he gets me when noone else does. It's amazing to have someone in your life like that right? And he's my best friend and always there to listen to me vent when noone else is. He motivates me and lifts my spirits. He's a God sent. Friday is our 6 mth.

  2. Happy Birthday Mark!!!!! Thank you for making your wifey so happy and have a great day of your birth!!!!

  3. Such a sweet post!!! Hope you both had fun celebrating your hubby's special day. :)


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