Thursday, June 26, 2014

#tbt... Angel Family Love

Since my little got married this past Saturday it has me nostalgic for all things Chi Omega.  Ok, well not really all things Chi Omega, but specifically my Chi Omega family this week.  I was a member of the Angel Family during my time at Bucknell and I truly can't imagine my life without these ladies.  Sure I can't imagine my life without many of my Chi Omega sisters, but I especially can't imagine my life without my family members (G-Bigs, Big, Twin, Littles, G-little, etc.).  These ladies are some of the best women I could have ever associated myself with and I am so happy that my Big chose me as her little and that her big chose her before that and that my little loves that I chose her, and so on.  So without further ado... today's #tbt is dedicated to my Chi Omega family!

The Night I Officially Became an Angel (G-Big, Me, Big)
Hanging out with my G-big & Chi Omega Cousin
Chugging champagne... cause Angels are classy like that
With my G-bigs
Little #1
Little #2 (a.k.a. the one that just got married!)

Little #2 & I with the men we would eventually marry!

Do you have a "family" you can't imagine your life without?


  1. Ahhh man! I miss college friends ;) Now this makes me want to go dig through my old photos!

  2. Can I just say, I love a blog post with lots of pictures! It makes it so much more enjoyable!!

    Also, I was nominated for a liebster award! In return, I'm nominating you! Click the link for all of the rules, can't wait!

  3. This was really cute! I transferred colleges so I never made really good "college" friends, but I met some of my very best friends WHILE in college! I think they are some of the best friends you can have.
    Kallie - But First, Coffee


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