Thursday, June 12, 2014

#tbt... Snowed In With My Ladies

This past Monday I had some of my favorite ladies over for a wine night in.  We had such a great time hanging out and reminiscing about some of the good times we had in the past.  We talked a lot about the great snow storm of February 2010 where we were snowed in for DAYS together at my apartment.  Of course we planned to be snowed in together as everyone came over before the storm it, but we weren't planning for the DAYS that we ended up being together.  Like most normal people we were prepared for the storm... and by prepared I mean that we went out and bought tons of alcohol but no food.  So by the end of the storm we had no food in my apartment, but still had alcohol to keep us going.  It was such a fun time and I would love to be snowed in with my ladies again!  Or maybe we should just plan a massive sleepover when there is no snow... I think that would be just as fun!

Have you ever had a snow day sleepover with friends?

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  1. when was this snow there? j/w b/c if it was recent it would be odd to have snow in june when it's suppose to be hot.


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