Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekends Away are the BEST

As you all know, last week was M's birthday and we had a lot of fun celebrating.  Despite the fact that the morning of his birthday was spent at work for me because we were in trouble and had to have a bar clean/meeting, we managed to have an amazing rest of the day followed by an awesome weekend! M has always wanted to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery, so we decided that this would be the perfect weekend for me to take a night off so that we could go.  And thank goodness we did  because after a horrible night at work on Thursday, a few days away with my hubby was exactly what I needed!

Friday morning we picked up the hubby's car from getting fixed and headed out to Rehoboth Beach, DE to start our mini vacation!  We got to the Dogfish Head Brewery around noon and were able to go on a 12:30 tour of the brewery.  The tour was pretty awesome... lasted about an hour a fifteen minutes and we certainly learned a lot about the brewery.  In fact, M was so in love with it as soon as the tour was over he went online to see if there were any jobs openings that he was qualified for (and found a couple he wants to apply for!).

Posing with the 75 Minute IPA sign... 75 Minute was what we drank to celebrate our getting engaged!

After the brewery we headed to our hotel to check in and figure out our plan of attack for the next couple of days.  

View from our room
Friday night we went to dinner at Dogfish Head Brewery & Eats before heading out for a nice walk on the boardwalk and beach.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and were on the beach before 9am... and let me tell you it was A-MAZE-ING.  To be on the beach that early and to just soak up some sun for hours on end was just what the doctor ordered.  We spent most of our day on the beach with a break for lunch and some mini-golf!

Water looks so peaceful at not even 9am

Saturday night we headed back to Dogfish Head Brewery & Eats for dinner with one of our favorite couples SC & TB.  They spend a lot of their free weekends at the Delaware beaches, so since we were all down there at the same time it was the perfect opportunity to get together for dinner!  We had such a great time with them and it was great to see them both in such a relaxing atmosphere instead of just seeing them at work.  I think we had one of the longest dinners ever... close to 4 hours, but it was definitely worth it... lots of laughs and of course ending the night with some tequila shots with my girl!

75 Minute IPA on cask at the brewery... 1st time we have had this to drink since the night we got engaged

All in all it was the most amazing weekend and it was just so good to get away from life up here.  M and I head out on another mini-vaca in a couple of weeks and I seriously can't wait for another chance to get away!

Have you gone on any good weekend trips recently?


  1. Ah this sounds like a great weekend getaway! Have I mentioned you two are the cutest couple ever!!!!

  2. this sounds SO fun! what a great weekend!


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