Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review... Prison

Prison by Toni V. Lee tells the story of two undercover narcotics detectives as they try to stop a drug dealer from dealing out of a church.  Detective Sonja Grey and Max Trent are assigned to and undercover operation taking place at none other than Sonja's church, the Prayer Tabernacle.  Sonja and Max have always had an undying affection for each other, though neither had ever acted on it and Max felt as though this undercover operation would be the best time to let Sonja know that one day he planned on marrying her.  Sonja and Max are supposed to be undercover as boyfriend and girlfriend, but when Max first goes to church with Sonja he decides to go one step further and introduce himself as her fiance!

Sonja refuses to believe that Max is really interested in her and tries to rebuff his advances, but nevertheless finds herself falling more in love with him as their operation goes on.  For this operation, the couple is supposed to bust "Rock" a well-known cocaine dealer who the police have been trying to make a rock solid case against for quite some time.  Rock has become increasingly cocky in his dealings as he believes that there is no way that the police would look for him at a church.  He is so cocky that he begins to murder those who have wronged him in his dealings because he thinks that people are so afraid of him that they would never talk to the police.  Well, let's just say that Rock was wrong and that gets more than he can handle dealing out of the Prayer Tabernacle.  As Sonja and Max prepare to nail Rock, some unexpected complications occur and things take a turn for the worse.....

This book was a really quick read that kept me on my toes until the very end.  I enjoyed the budding relationship between Sonja and Max, although I got annoyed with it at times because it seemed like they were both playing games with each other.  I know that in real life people do play games when it comes to dating, but I just felt as though these two were too old to be playing those games and that they should have just been honest with their feelings from the start... but I guess that wouldn't make for a very interesting plot if they did that.  I also enjoyed the fact that the book didn't just end with Sonja and Max trying to bust Rock, that the author wrapped up all of the story lines within the book.  I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something quick to read... I read it in the car ride from Philly to Morgantown, WV... or it would make a great beach read!

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  1. so you receive good books to read for free and do blog reviews. i use to but never could get good books. you'd actually choose what books to get. booksneeze but i dont suggest it. good reads is also the same way but you have to win them. i won 7 in a week but still they sucked.


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